Adobe, You Rock! I Get To Upgrade at Home for Free!

The way I see it, I just got a free program which retails for nearly $1000!

I work from home on occasion, and one of the duties I perform for my employer is maintaining our company website. My software at work was upgraded over a year ago, and I feel very fortunate to have Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium. It is only because of the excellent company TechSoup which allows non-profits to purchase software and hardware at a fraction of what it would cost retail. Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium cost my employer a mere $160, a fraction of the retail cost.

I also do some volunteer work for our church, and most recently I was asked to order notepads, pens and presentation folders. They discovered my “talents” when I volunteered to create the conference brochure a couple of months ago. The ordering that I was asked to do involves artwork for the personalized products… and for that, apparently I really need a specific type of software. Adobe Illustrator to be exact.

I love playing around with graphics, and at home I use Adobe Photoshop 5.0, which was released in 1998 and creates bitmap images. I also use Macromedia Studio MX, a package acquired by my employer in 2003. This package contains the Macromedia products Dreamweaver, Flash, Freehand, Fireworks and ColdFusion.

TechSoup allows one Adobe “suite” purchase in a fiscal year which runs from July 1st to June 30th.. There are two of us at work that use these programs. The other person’s position does require him to work with these programs more often than my position (I would definitely use these “fun” programs more often if I only had the time). I received Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium in June 2007, and our tech guy at the time received Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium in July 2007. Our next opportunity to purchase was in June 2008, and our current tech guy received Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium. I understand that our IT Manager is planning to wait until TechSoup has Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium before making our next purchase. Once that is purchased, my assumption is that the other guy will get this newest upgrade as well, but I should be able to get his CS3.

Anyway, I’ve really been wishing I could have a newer version of Photoshop at home, and also wished I could have Illustrator, since that seems to be the program that all these companies I’m ordering the personalized products for our church want me to use. Or, they could recreate our logo for $100 to $150!! I don’t think so, when I can do that myself, if I only had the right program when I have the time to use it!

I had hoped our church could purchase through TechSoup, but we cannot.

I can’t work on the artwork while I’m at work, either!

So I was trying to figure out my options today… I know that Adobe allows you to download a full program to try it out for 30 days, so I could download Illustrator at home, and do the artwork, but what about next year? I was thinking maybe since I don’t work with these programs so much at work, but could do more with them while working at home, maybe I could bring the program home but I thought I’d have to remove the program from my computer at work, in order to use it at home. I thought about just trading my programs at work with the ones at home, but I utilize Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional too often to not have it.

I researched a bit and found a Q&A site that said I’d have to go through all these hoops to remove the program, like get into the registry and remove a few lines. I don’t like messing around with the registry, so I decided to call Adobe, just to see if it was really going to be that difficult. I got a woman on the phone that sounded like she lived in a different country… I tried to explain myself, but I couldn’t get across to her what I was asking. Finally, she offered me a solution, which I did not know was possible, and which I had never imagined would be an option. She told me Adobe’s EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) allows a single user of an Adobe product to place the program on one’s work computer, as well as a laptop or home computer!! The only restriction is I cannot use this program on both computers simultaneously. That’s not too hard – I can’t exactly be in two places fifty miles apart from each other at the same time. 😉

I was so excited to get home today, and see for myself if it was really true! And lo and behold, I saw it myself with my very own eyes, in the fine print as I was accepting the licensing agreement (click on it to see a larger image):

The very excellent bonus to this discovery is that I can learn how to use these newer programs while I “play” with them at home, so when I need to use them while at work, or if I’m working from home , I’m not struggling through a learning curve.

I’m really excited because now I can learn along with one of my favorite blog writers, Ree of Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. She also has a photography component to her blog, with Adobe Photoshop lessons which I’ve been itching to try out, but most of them won’t work with my ancient Photoshop 5.0. But now I can try out PW’s Actions!

I think it is so fantastic that Adobe allows their product to be placed on two computers. For me, this is like getting a really great product for free!! Thank you, Adobe!!

Yours Truly,

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3 thoughts on “Adobe, You Rock! I Get To Upgrade at Home for Free!

  1. Awesome!

    I just ordered Adobe’s Premium package for our office: at GDU’s institutional discount we got five licenses for about $1360. Our RAs are anxious to learn InDesign. Amazingly, I got a guy who teaches computer workshops at the downtown campus to come TO OUR OFFICE (!!!) to coach us in its operation.


  2. Funny – that sounds like a great deal. TechSoup does only allow one purchase of the “suite” per year, so it sounds like you found an awesome deal!


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