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I found the link to the Time Value Calculator from an older post over at Mommy Millionaire Next Door’s – a calculator that helps you figure out how much you actually make per hour. I was thinking about this just last week because I’m becoming very disgruntled with my job, and am looking for ways to rationalize finding something else… the problem is, I have a very strong sense of loyalty and tend to stick with situations long after I should have moved on. Such is the case at my job. I earn a fairly high wage – to me at least. I earn ~$35,000 a year working 32 hours a week. The only benefit I have is medical and dental insurance. I don’t have holiday pay, sick days, vacation days, retirement or anything else. The daily round trip is 2.5 hours each day, minimum. More if the traffic is heavy or if we are running late. I figured if I could find a job working in the small city near where I live, which is only 15 miles away (instead of 48) I would save hours and hours in commute time right there. Even if I worked full time, I would be home more hours a week. Something to think about… and it has been weighing heavily on my mind.

The Time Value Calculator says I’m only making about 1/3 of my hourly wage.

Be sure to read Mommy’s post How To Put a Price Tag on Your Time to see what she has to say about it.

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2 thoughts on “Time Value Calculator

  1. Thanks for the link. Good analysis of your current job situation – it’s always an eye opener when you take a close, objective look at the value of your time. Best wishes in your decision!


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