Amazon Jackpot in the Mail

Last week I got an envelope from Amazon. It always looks like junk mail. So much so that the first gift certificate I received from them I almost tore it in half and threw it away. But luckily I opened it, to find a $25 gift certificate inside.

When I was applying for the new credit cards to move the balances I wondered if the balance transfer would be considered toward points or cash back. I still don’t know if any of them counted.

The envelope was a little thicker than usual, and I opened it to find three gift certificates in the mail from Amazon, each for $25. The way the Amazon gift certificates work is you get a $25 gift certificate for every $2500 you spend. Now I haven’t put $7500 on my card lately… however… I did transfer $7500 from my credit union credit card to the new Chase card. The new Chase card isn’t an Amazon card.

That’s okay, I won’t complain. It kind of makes up for the $75 my computer lost me from Bank of America.

Yours Truly,

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