Some Success on eBay

I put a few things up for sale on eBay last week. My auctions ended Friday. I listed eight items. A dress which I never expected to sell went first with Buy It Now for $9.99.

I made $64.97 gross.

$7.63 in eBay fees.

$3.08 in PayPal fees.

$20.10 for shipping costs.

$34.16 net.

Not too shabby. But I also probably spent about three hours taking pictures, listing the items, packaging them, etc. So about $10 per hour.

Mr. A cleaned my bathroom while I was gone at the conference over the weekend, as well as our bedroom. Now I just need to go through the boxes and start getting rid of things, either donating, or eBaying. I’m going to try to list a few things every other week.

Have you ever tried eBay? I used to be a frequent eBayer when I only worked three days a week and lived in the city. I had a lot more time on my hands. I’d love to hear your experiences with eBay. I think it’s fun actually, but I sure need to make sure I have packing materials on hand from now on!

Yours Truly,

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4 thoughts on “Some Success on eBay

  1. I used to sell on eBay but just lost the desire to do it. I did sell quite a few expensive items several years ago. It stressed me too much so I don’t think I would try again.


  2. Hi Debtfree2009 – boy can I relate. I also got sick of eBaying. I think it’s been since 2003 that I have eBayed with any regularity. It really does take up a lot of time when you think about it. Some people find it a great extra income. Thank you for visiting and commenting!


  3. hmmm, im thinking about selling some stuff on ebay. It just seems so time intensive but i can’t think of any other way.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    It is time intensive, in my opinion. The entire time I was sitting there, taking pictures and making the auctions, I was thinking I should just have tossed it all in a box and then into a donation bin. That would have taken a lot less time. But I did make about $10 an hour. If I had more time on my hands, that would be fine, but I find myself analyzing the time I’m spending often, wondering if it could be better spent. I used to love eBaying, but then I had a frustrating experience and the fun kind of fizzled out. Have you used eBay before? You should try it if you haven’t, you might like it!


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