How My Computer Lost $75

I guess it was really me, as we all know that computers don’t do anything on their own. Right?

A couple of weeks ago the morning started out like any other day, and a window popped open warning me that the computer had to be restarted as it had just finished downloading updates. It explained to me that it would restart within xx seconds, unless I wanted to wait. I clicked somewhere and told it to wait four hours.

About three hours and fifty minutes later, I was checking one of my never used credit cards online. I have started to enter all my credit cards into, even the ones I don’t use, so I can make sure they stay at zero. I was checking the card through the bank’s site, and I noticed there was an offer for $75 cash incentive if I signed up for a checking account. I read through the offer instructions, no direct deposit required, but I needed to transfer $25 within 30 days and $75 would be mine within 90.

I started filing out the application and was nearing the bottom when suddenly windows started closing on my computer.

I’d actually been waiting for my coworker who does our IT at work to log onto my computer to see why I couldn’t log in to my work computer, so at first I thought it was him. I thought, “How nervy. Couldn’t he let me finish what I am doing first?” But as all the windows closed, and my computer restarted itself, I realized it was because I’d given the computer permission to shut down four hours later. Usually a screen pops up that again asks if you want to delay the process. I’m not sure how I missed this popup… if this is a new Vista feature, I don’t like it!

When my computer was back online, I logged into the bank site to continue the application. It was not anywhere to be found, and the link to the special offer was no longer present.

So I called Bank of America to see if they could do anything to help me. First you should know I was a bit frustrated at possibly losing $75 just like that *snap* . And trying to get through to a real person was only serving to frustrate me even further. The biggest problem was that I had to talk to the checking account people, but I didn’t have a checking account number to enter to the dummy operator. It took me about 25 minutes before I could get through to a real person. I totally forgot about Get Human. By the way, here’s the number which allowed me through to a real person: (888) 383-7500.

The representative was sweet and comforting. She said that typically even if the application wasn’t completed, it still went into their system. She said I should wait a couple of hours and call back to have them check.

I didn’t get around to that for a couple of weeks. When I checked again, the bank had no record of my application, and they were unable to set up the link again. The representative was very nice and said I should just check back every few days as it should show up again. She explained that sometimes they can fill out the application on the phone, but this was an Internet only offer.

I will have to keep checking back and see if that offer appears again.

Yours Truly,

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2 thoughts on “How My Computer Lost $75

  1. Garrrrrr!!!!! How AGGRAVATING! I’m sorry and annoyed this happened to you.

    This may not be a Vistaism. I think it’s a new wonderful improvement to Windows in general. GDU’s Dell, which runs on XP, does this damnable trick, too.

    Interestingly, it KNOWS when I sit down to start on a project. The minute I get fully engaged in some complicated weirdo thing that I do not not NOT want to have interrupted, it starts dunning me with “reboot in xx seconds” messages. Anyone who thinks PC are not sentient and not of the same mindset as 2001‘s computer Hal is naive, very naive…..


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