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Here are posts that have been very popular here at Out of Debt Again. Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

Have to Get Things Under Control – The post that started it all.

Wedding Under $3000 – Actually we only paid $96 for our wedding, after the money gifts and thanks to my very generous and loving mother-in-law.

Wet Washing my Wedding Gown – Don’t pay hundreds of dollars to wash your wedding gown, follow these steps and do it yourself for mere dollars.

Personalized Candy Favors for Weddings or Baby Showers and More! – I created a great tutorial on personalizing the little miniature chocolate candy bars, check it out and let me know how it worked for you. I have also included printer friendly PDF of the tutorial as well as a template document, and image template.

Calculate Your Gasoline Usage – Download my free spreadsheet which will help you calculate how many miles per gallon your vehicle gets, how much it costs per mile, calculate several days worth of driving, and more!

Her Mother is Rolling Over in her Grave – Read how my friend Nancy got into debt after her mom gave her a home free and clear when she passed away. (One thing she did was buy a $15,000 bathtub).

My Mom’s $6480 Washing Machine – This is a rental story nightmare. Read about how my mom has been renting a used washing machine, and plans to for the rest of her life.

Remove Wrinkles Like Magic! – Don’t have time to iron? Try this quick fix the next time you’re in a hurry.

Grocery Shopping Series Part 1 Cheaper Ground Beef – Don’t pay $5 a pound for hamburger, read this post to find out how!

Electricity Posts – Read all about my quest to lower our electricity bill.

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