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I wasn’t eligible to sign up for the $25 bonus from ING Direct because I did it many years ago and closed the account.

But I did sign Mr. A up for an account to get the bonus. Now he’s received an offer by email if he signs up to invest in stocks, he can make $25. I don’t know ANYTHING about buying stocks. Is there someone out there that can give me a few pointers, or tell me WHICH stock I should invest in? I think it’s $4 that Mr. A has to invest, and then he makes $25 within a few weeks.

Do I just pick something using eeny, meeny, mini, moe?!

Thanks for your help.

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3 thoughts on “Stocks with ING Direct

  1. I’m no expert on stocks. At all. From what I’ve learned from people who know what they’re talking about, generally they say do not invest in stocks.

    The risk is just too great.

    Instead, for investments it’s best to put your money into a well-balanced mutual fund or something similar. That way, if one stock tanks, you won’t lose all of your money.

    That said, for something like this, it sounds like it might be worth putting $4 in just to get that $25 bonus.

    If that’s all you’re putting in, then I’d say either choose a company you like to shop at or go the eeny meey mini moe route.

    You’ll get your $25 no matter what, and if it grows a little, so much the better!

    Just my take. Let us know what you decide!


  2. Kacie – I like your thinking… I’ll still get $21 even if my stocks don’t go anywhere.

    Zspencer – I’ll take a look at that link you provided, thanks!


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