Thrift Store Finds

I mentioned our “new” suitcases the other day that I found from Savers.

Here’s a couple of photos of them. The huge one is on the bottom, the large one is laying on top. They both have wheels on the bottom. The big one was $7.99 and the large one was $6.99.

And here’s the large one. It was $4.99. It will fit nicely into the one above. This will be great for storing purposes.

But here is the really wonderful thing that I found. I always take a peek for yarn when I’m at a thrift store. I think this is the best deal I’ve ever found. If you click on the picture you can see a larger version but here is what the original label says, “Country Silk, Black Orchid, Natural Silk Pack, 8-10 Ounces, 975-1200 Yards, $24.99.”

Notice that Savers had it marked at $2.99. Wow. I am so excited to have this yarn in my possession.

I only once bought expensive yarn. It was a tiny little ball of purple eyelash yarn. It cost $10 for the tiny little ball, from a real yarn store. I made it into a scarf for a coworker of mine and she’s never worn it. It was one of the first eyelash scarves I made.

Look at these two beauties. I think I’m going to make myself a coverlet/shawl. I should have enough time between now and winter to make it. At least that is my plan.

I love finding great deals on yarn at thrift stores.

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