Paid Twice’s 0% Interest Credit Card Saga

I found a great series by Paid Twice documenting what happened when she moved one of her and her husband’s cards to a 0% interest card. It took some digging around to find the whole story, but I think I found all the related posts. Makes me feel a little better to know what someone else has gone through. Thank you, Paid Twice!

July 1, 2007: So I applied for another credit card

July 2, 2007: Running the numbers – How getting another credit card can get me out of debt faster

July 19, 2007: Update on the 0% interest credit card

July 30, 2007: We were approved and it is making me anxious

July 26, 2007: More Numbers: 2.99% fixed or 0% for 12 months?

August 4, 2007: The new card is here

September 12, 2007: The Balance Transfer is Done.

September 15, 2007: The Feeling of Seeing the Balance Transfer Complete

September 19, 2007: Reflections on Our Recent Credit Card Balance Surfing

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