Corporation Harrasses Lazy Man & Money

Just about a year ago at church camp my son and I were targeted by a member of the group trying to sell us Xango Juice, “The Original Mangosteen Supplement”.  She touted all the things it would heal. I was suspicious, as the ingredients seemed to be mostly fruit juices. I still have one [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Thank You, Customers!

During my little break from blogging, among other things, I did manage to get Christmas “thank you” cards sent out to Mr. A’s 2008 customers.

As I was looking for some sample ways to say thank you (what did I ever do before the Internet?) on the Christmas cards, okay “holiday” cards (don’t want [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

A New Place to Share My True Confessions

Over the weekend I checked out a new website called, a place to confess your True Confessions, and let the WHOLE WORLD know how much money you’ve wasted on JUNK. I’ve watched a few of the videos and I can relate to a few, unfortunately. Although I must say the money I’ve wasted [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Time to Rollover My Credit Card Debt

I’m not interested in playing credit card arbitrage, but it looks like I’m going to be engaging in it whether I like it or not.

If you notice I updated my debt progress bars… we had to put more money onto another of my credit cards… with a nearly 15% interest rate. This happened [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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