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Corporation Harrasses Lazy Man & Money

Just about a year ago at church camp my son and I were targeted by a member of the group trying to sell us Xango Juice, “The Original Mangosteen Supplement”.  She touted all the things it would heal. I was suspicious, as the ingredients seemed to be mostly fruit juices. I still have one of the free bottles she foisted off onto us. I guess Xango Juice is along the same lines as MonaVie, which Lazy Man & Money talked… Read the rest

Thank You, Customers!

During my little break from blogging, among other things, I did manage to get Christmas “thank you” cards sent out to Mr. A’s 2008 customers. As I was looking for some sample ways to say thank you (what did I ever do before the Internet?) on the Christmas cards, okay “holiday” cards (don’t want to offend anyone) it occurred to me that we should also be sending thank you cards throughout the year. DUH. I should have caught onto this… Read the rest

A New Place to Share My True Confessions

Over the weekend I checked out a new website called, a place to confess your True Confessions, and let the WHOLE WORLD know how much money you’ve wasted on JUNK. I’ve watched a few of the videos and I can relate to a few, unfortunately. Although I must say the money I’ve wasted has been buying discounted, clearanced, or from yard sales and thrift stores. I have a terrible habit of buying something on sale or clearance as a… Read the rest

Time to Rollover My Credit Card Debt

I’m not interested in playing credit card arbitrage, but it looks like I’m going to be engaging in it whether I like it or not. If you notice I updated my debt progress bars… we had to put more money onto another of my credit cards… with a nearly 15% interest rate. This happened for two reasons: 1) Mr. A bought machinery for his business which increased his business debt. Perhaps I shouldn’t include his business debt since this is… Read the rest