Thank You, Customers!

During my little break from blogging, among other things, I did manage to get Christmas “thank you” cards sent out to Mr. A’s 2008 customers.

As I was looking for some sample ways to say thank you (what did I ever do before the Internet?) on the Christmas cards, okay “holiday” cards (don’t want to offend anyone) it occurred to me that we should also be sending thank you cards throughout the year. DUH. I should have caught onto this idea right away since my Tire Guy sends me a thank you card every single time I buy a tire from him.

So I took a look around the ‘net and found Rich Contractor’s site and thought I’d share. He’s got some great ideas and I have subscribed to his feed for more of what he has to offer. He has an excellent sample thank you letter, as well as a few other letters that might come in handy, and a bunch of other great information on owning your own business. I’m going to print out a few of his posts for Mr. A as I think they will be helpful. If you have a small business I hope you find him of help, too.

Yours Truly,

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2 thoughts on “Thank You, Customers!

  1. I have to say it is those unexpected times when I receive thank yous, that I appreciate them the most. It doesn’t have to be much: a simple thank you for….(2 sentences) and a signature, all done in actual handwriting. I think the art of personalized thank yous is fading. Good for you for considering doing this for your family’s business!


  2. HI Jolie! Thank you for the compliment! It is one more thing to keep track of, but I hope it helps to promote our business. Thank you for visiting and commenting!


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