Balance Transfers Are Easy When You Already Have an Existing Account

Usually when those blank checks come in the mail I just shred them without taking a second look.  But last week, yes, you guessed it, I took a second look.

Bank of America wants to do a balance transfer for me, and they’ll charge me 0% interest until April 2013 and will charge me [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Credit Card Report October 2010

Well shoot. It appears the last time I made a report on our credit card debt was back in April!   Time sure does fly!

In April, our credit card debt was at $20,731.85.  I am quite pleased to report that we continue to go steadily pay that amount down, and are now at $15,537.02. [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Credit Card Reports February through April 2010

Credit card debt at the end of January was: $23,587.53.

Credit card debt at the end of April is: $20,731.85.

Making steady progress!OUT OF DEBT AGAIN is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

February and March 2010 Monthly Report

I remembered not posting the March monthly report, but I can’t believe I forgot February’s, too!

At any rate, here are the reports from both months.

We went over in March due to a car repair, and the grocery budget was way over the top. Let me direct your attention to the “Dining” portion [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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