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Balance Transfers Are Easy When You Already Have an Existing Account

Usually when those blank checks come in the mail I just shred them without taking a second look.  But last week, yes, you guessed it, I took a second look. Bank of America wants to do a balance transfer for me, and they’ll charge me 0% interest until April 2013 and will charge me 4% transaction fee.  I was thinking about going for it, and ran a few calculations.   We would save about $250 over the next 9 months if… Read the rest

Credit Card Report October 2010

Well shoot. It appears the last time I made a report on our credit card debt was back in April!   Time sure does fly! In April, our credit card debt was at $20,731.85.  I am quite pleased to report that we continue to go steadily pay that amount down, and are now at $15,537.02. That is a decrease of $5194.83 in six months. It always shocks me to see how much the amount has decreased because that looks like we’re… Read the rest

Credit Card Reports February through April 2010

Credit card debt at the end of January was: $23,587.53. Credit card debt at the end of April is: $20,731.85. Making steady progress!OUT OF DEBT AGAIN is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to AMAZON.COM. OUT OF DEBT AGAIN is an affiliate for several companies and may be compensated through advertising and marketing channels. This post may contain… Read the rest

February and March 2010 Monthly Report

I remembered not posting the March monthly report, but I can’t believe I forgot February’s, too! At any rate, here are the reports from both months. We went over in March due to a car repair, and the grocery budget was way over the top. Let me direct your attention to the “Dining” portion of the budget. Pretty good. As I review my budget worksheet, I realize I need to plan for finance charges being incurred by the credit card… Read the rest