The Year We Raised Our Own Turkeys for Thanksgiving Dinner

Every year, our son AJ likes to remind us of the year we raised our own turkeys. Before I tell you the story, let me remind you to make turkey soup from your leftover Thanksgiving turkey carcass.

Over the years in addition to turkeys we’ve raised steer, geese, pigs, lambs, ducks and guinea fowl.  [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Black Friday Week at Amazon! Christmas Right Around the Corner!

Are you starting to feel the Christmas spirit yet?

Of course the stores are all decked out, and certain radio stations are beginning to play Christmas songs on the radio.  But before Christmas comes the biggest shopping day of the year: Black Friday.  The day the retailers expect to break even, go “into [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

I Wanted to Buy My Mother Some Flowers for Mother’s Day

Hand Picked Roses

I know I shouldn’t even think about it, since we’re really not doing well financially, but when your mom says to you on the phone that she just saw a flower delivery truck go by, and wishes they were stopping for her, because she’s never had that happen before… well, it makes [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Happy Valentine’s Day Out There To All You Sweethearts!

Heart Throw and Pillow

For many years I didn’t care much for Valentine’s Day.  It’s just another day of the year, and Hallmark has blown it out of proportion with five dollars cards and flowers everywhere.

Anyway, since my hubby and I reconciled and remarried three years ago, I have found that I want to celebrate the [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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