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Easy Ways to Raise Cash for Faster Debt Reduction

The following is a guest post. Improving cash flow to slash debt has common benefits but unique challenges. The more money applied to principal balances now will save large sums of interest expense later.  However, increasing income in the short term may be more difficult for some than others. Thankfully, there are common expenses that can be slashed for most homeowners. The monthly savings provides money to accelerate paying off your debt or other financial goals. Here are a few… Read the rest

Budgeting in a Move

After recently helping a family member move, I realized just how costly some moving products are. I want to share my personal checklist of basic, but necessary, moving products. Spoiler alert: I recommend hitting your dollar store in the post! You probably are moving infrequently, so spend accordingly. Boxes – I go for cheap, small boxes. Here’s why: you (or your moving help) has to lift every box. Smaller boxes inherently limit the weight they can contain, thus making for… Read the rest
"Log Cabin Bird House - mounted" by Marni

How Selling Your Home Quickly Can Help You Avoid Debt

It’s often been said that there’s nothing more satisfying than owning your home. Not only do you get to reap the rewards of being more secure than a renter, but you also get to decorate any way you like! However, for many people across the country, owning property is a dream which sometimes stands in the way of their being debt free. How Your Property Might Be Hurting Your Finances There are many different scenarios in which owning a property… Read the rest

Understanding Reverse Mortgages

As people approach retirement, they tend to start considering their options regarding how they can boost their income after their working life ends. One of the routes available to homeowners in the USA is a reverse mortgage – but what exactly are reverse mortgages, and who are they best suited to? This article will explain everything you need to know about these financial products and help you make a decision about whether it’s the right option for you. In a… Read the rest