Advantages of Invoice Financing

Growing your business is a constant balancing act which you need to get right. Investing in growth is essential, but often restricted by limited resources. One solution which can help ease any cash flow problems is invoice financing.

Invoice financing, or invoice discounting, is a method which can allow a business to access [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Dear Son, Please Be Wise With That Credit Card

My son AJ just got his first credit card.

A mix of emotions washed over me when he told me about it.



The feeling of pride came on initially because in spite of what ol’ what’s his name says I believe it’s important to have a good credit score. I mean really, [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Easy Ways to Raise Cash for Faster Debt Reduction


The following is a guest post.

Improving cash flow to slash debt has common benefits but unique challenges. The more money applied to principal balances now will save large sums of interest expense later.  However, increasing income in the short term may be more difficult for some than others.

Thankfully, there are common expenses [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Budgeting in a Move

After recently helping a family member move, I realized just how costly some moving products are. I want to share my personal checklist of basic, but necessary, moving products. Spoiler alert: I recommend hitting your dollar store in the post! You probably are moving infrequently, so spend accordingly.

Boxes – I go for cheap, [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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