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Create a Successful Trading Plan for Online Forex Trading

The worst mistake a rookie trader could make is to dive in the trading market out of excitement with no plan whatsoever. This article describes what your plan must include to help you succeed. What is the highest rollercoaster you have ridden? The thrill of going down and then rocketing up is really amazing, and it makes you want to repeat and repeat again.¬†Well, online forex trading can be thrilling too, but you have to remember that it is… Read the rest

How to Get Rich by Investing

These days it feels like everyone and his mother invests in the stock market. For most people, this means purchasing mutual funds through a bank. Serious investors though, know that in order to get wealthy, you need to by-pass bankers and put your money to work yourself. There are a number of ways to invest your money without consulting your bank. Online brokerages let you invest in ETFs for a nominal charge, in addition to the cost charged by the… Read the rest

Advantages of Invoice Financing

Growing your business is a constant balancing act which you need to get right. Investing in growth is essential, but often restricted by limited resources. One solution which can help ease any cash flow problems is invoice financing. Invoice financing, or invoice discounting, is a method which can allow a business to access the cash value of its issued invoices without having to wait for the client or customer to actually pay their invoice. How does it work? A business… Read the rest

Dear Son, Please Be Wise With That Credit Card

My son AJ just got his first credit card. A mix of emotions washed over me when he told me about it. Pride. Fear. The feeling of pride came on initially because in spite of what ol’ what’s his name says I believe it’s important to have a good credit score. I mean really, how is someone supposed to save up $250,000 to buy their first home?¬† Even if they could find something for $50,000, how long would that take?… Read the rest