Are You Prepared for Disaster? Get Started with the Ultimate Survival Bundle for just $29

Do you worry about being prepared in the event of a disaster? Do you know what you should and can do now to increase your chance of survival in the event of a catastrophic event?

One of the most important considerations is water.  Some sources recommend having 3 gallons of water for each person in your home in case of an emergency where water is contaminated.  Would you know how to treat contaminated water so that it would be safe to drink?  Do you know of the nearest alternative water source in your area?  You can find the answers to these questions and more in 170 Gallons of Water a Day, an e-book by Joe Marshall.

Another consideration is first aid. James Hubbard’s The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns will be very helpful and you’ll also want to listen to the bonus audio from Steven Harris on how to be prepared during a disaster with first aid.    These are just 3 of the resources available in the Ultimate Survival Bundle from my affiliate partner Wardee Harmon from GNOWFGLINS.

Some other things to consider: What about self-defense and protecting your belongings and family?  Survival basics like fire, water and shelter? What will you do for power?  This bundle contains 46 resources (e-books and videos) in all, and 22 bonus products + you’ll get an 11 in 1 credit card survival tool with your purchase (6-8 weeks for delivery) which will help you get started on being prepared to survive.

Free Bonus: 11-in-1 Survival Tool!

Learn more here: Ultimate Survival Bundle.

Here is a list of the products contained in this bundle:

Self-Defense and Security

7 Shortcuts To Finding The Perfect Survival Retreat (eBook) by Marjory Wildcraft ($27)
B.E.T. Target-Based Self Defense: Hand-to-Hand (Video) by Coach David Alexander ($29)
Surviving EMP (eBook) by Rob Hanus ($3.99)
Instant Identity Armor (eBook) by Joe Marshall ($27)

Survival Basics — Fire, Water, and Shelter

Simple Shelters (eBook) by Ernie and Erica Wisner ($5)
So You Want to Live In a Yurt? (eBook) by Erin Kelly ($2.99)
The Art of Fire (eBook) by Ernie and Erica Wisner ($20)
170 Gallons of Water a Day (eBook) by Joe Marshall ($27)

Alternative Energy

The Complete Consumer Guide to Wind Power (eBook) by Ricky and Jordan Wilder ($20)
Sunshine to Dollars (eBook) by Steven E. Harris ($19.95)
Daybed 6″ Rocket Mass Heater Plan (eBook) by Ernie and Erica Wisner ($20)
Rocket Mass Heater Operation and Maintenance Manual (eBook) by Ernie and Erica Wisner ($3)

Total PreparednessThe Homesteader’s Home Management Binder Pages by Merissa Alink ($6.99)
The Untrained Housewife’s Guide to Getting Prepared (eBook) by Angela England ($7)
Making the Best of Basics: Family Preparedness Handbook (eBook) by James Stevens ($39.95)
1-Year Premium Membership from PREPARE Magazine, online version ($34.97)

Raising, Preparing, Preserving, and Storing FoodPioneering Today: Faith and Home the Old Fashioned Way (eBook) by Melissa K. Norris ($2.99)
Instant Master Gardener (4-part Video Series) by Marjory Wildcraft ($27)
Companion Planting Guide (eBook) by Julie Turner ($19)
How to Control Pests Using Natural Remedies (eBook) by Annette Welsford ($4.95)
Build a Better Greenhouse (Video and Plan) by Nathaniel Burson ($29.95)
Apartment Gardening (eBook) by Jami Balmet ($5.95)
Livestock Guardian Animals: Donkeys, Llamas, and Livestock Guardian Dogs to Protect Your Property and Stock (eBook) by Jim Mitchell ($2.99)
200 Eggs A Year Per Hen Chicken Care Guide (eBook) by Edgar Warren ($11)
Under Tree Chicken Coop Plan (eBook) by Kelson Spear ($12.95)
Drawing Blood From Your Goats (eBook) by Starlene Stewart ($4.95)
Must Love Goats (eBook) by Erin Kelly ($2.99)
North American Foraging Guide (eBook) by Judy Pilawa ($7.50)
Will Forage For Soup: Gourmet Soup From Wild Greens (eBook) by Amanda Rose, Ph.D. and Jeanie Rose ($6.97)
Solar Cookery: Everything Under the Sun (eBook) by Beth Halacy ($12.95)
Sourdough A to Z (eBook) by Wardeh Harmon ($20)
Whole Wheat Bread Baking (eBook) by Donna Miller ($14)
Don’t Compost It, Cook It (eBook) by April Patel ($9.99)
Dehydrating (eBook) by Wardeh Harmon ($20)
Lacto-Fermentation (eBook) by Wardeh Harmon ($20)
Real Food Storage (eBook plus Video Webinar) by KerryAnn Foster ($29.99)
How to Cook and Store Food Outside (eBook) by Joe Marshall ($27)

Lawful Government, Civic Responsibilities, and EconomyTo Keep or Not to Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns (eBook) by Chuck Baldwin, D.D. and Tim Baldwin, J.D. ($14.95)
Romans 13: The True Meaning of Submission (eBook) by Chuck Baldwin, D.D. and Tim Baldwin, J.D. ($14.95)
Thrivalist: How to Survive After the Collapse (eBook) by Chris Duane ($10)

First Aid and Alternative Medicine

101 Uses for 9 Essential Oils in a Disaster (eBook) by Julie Behling-Hovdal ($6.99)
Medical Preparedness for Adults (eBook) by Julie Behling-Hovdal ($7.99)
Medical Preparedness for Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Infant Care (eBook) by Julie Behling-Hovdal and Rebecca Potter, M.H. ($14.99)
A Guide to Understanding Herbal Medicines and Surviving the Coming Pharmaceutical Monopoly (eBook) by Michael Farley, N.D. and Ty Bollinger ($24.97)
The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns (eBook) by Dr. James Hubbard ($3.99)
Nuclear War Survival Skills (eBook) by Cresson Kearny and Steven E. Harris ($19.49)

All of these resources are available to you for immediate download for the extremely affordable cost of only $29!  This bundle sale lasts just until Monday, September 23rd so don’t wait, buy yours now!

Ultimate Survival Bundle

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