Make a List and Check it Twice

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my boss’s situation where she was denied when she tried to help her granddaughter with a school loan.

I thought the outcome was very interesting. My boss was ADAMANT that she had paid her Sears bill, and she claims she pays $500 each month, which is much more than the minimum. She said there was absolutely no way she could be behind on her payment for 60 days, which is what the credit bureau was claiming.

Here’s what happened. She went home that night and discovered that she in fact NOT paid Sears for the past two months. She pays by check only, and had not written a check to Sears since October.

Now, here’s where making that list I mentioned in the subject line comes in handy. I was very surprised to learn that my boss apparently does not keep a list of bills that need to be paid each month. She relies on the United States Postal Service to deliver her bills. She is very organized, and she puts her mail in the place each month. She sits down a couple times a month, and writes out checks based on the bills she finds sitting in the pile.

In the meantime, you might wonder how come she didn’t notice the additional $1000 in her account. Well, she shares this account with one of her daughters, and the daughter owed her $1000. She assumed that her daughter had paid the money back. Later it turns out that her daughter had repaid the money months ago, and my boss had completely forgotten the money was returned. My boss is pretty sharp, but she is 69 years old!

The next day she put in a call to Sears and come to find out for no known reason, her Sears bill had been returned “address unknown”. The representative told my boss she must not have given them her new address when she moved. My boss curtly informed the woman that she hadn’t moved in over eighteen years.

At this point I don’t know what all transpired, but my boss managed to put all the blame on Sears and demanded that they clear her name at the credit bureaus.

She told them to take $1000 from her checking account. But then somehow the bank took $2000, so she was bouncing checks all over the place.

Finally everything settled down and the last thing she did was get her bank on the phone and demand they refund the $35 they charged for overdraft fees. I think they probably did it; she can be pretty intimidating. She’s definitely someone I’ll always want watching my back.

Two weeks later she’s back to trying to help her granddaughter with her school loan, and we logged into Transunion to see how her credit was doing. Amazingly, the extreme delinquency information has been completely removed, as if it never existed.

I thought it was pretty amazing because in my opinion, it was at least partially her fault. Since when is it my fault that I don’t make payments just because the bill didn’t arrive in the mail?

I also pay bills twice a month, and I keep a list of which bills are due. As I pay them, I notate that they have been paid. It’s a good idea to do, if you don’t already.

Yours Truly,

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7 comments to Make a List and Check it Twice

  • debtfree2009

    I keep a list and check account online so I can make sure everything cleared well ahead of the due date. I have a fear that something will be late and my 4.99% rate will go to ten gazillion.


  • Tammie

    I am so glad I have no credit cards at all. I love idea on the keep a list I try too but inevitably some how it doesn’t work. I may need a different approach to it.


  • Mrs. Accountability

    @debtfree2009 I share the same fear that you have. Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat, afraid that somehow I didn’t make the payment!! I hate this stupid credit card debt!! I’m at 0% and it would shoot right up to “ten gazillion”!! :0)

    @Tammie You have a right to be glad!! I remember the days of no debt, it was great! I hope we will be there again someday soon. Maybe one day soon I’ll share the spreadsheet that I use for keeping track of my bills.

    Thank you both for visiting and commenting!


  • Funny about money

    Wow! What a mess.

    Lesson 1 here is to keep track of your bills. Lesson 2 is not to let creditors have direct access to your checking account. And lesson 3 is never to do business with Sears!


  • wow, what i got from this is that it pays to be insistent and demanding!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    LOL! Yes, that does work sometimes! My boss is pretty good at it, too! Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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