How to Gamble Responsibly

Online casinos have helped to make casino gaming more accessible than ever before. Gamers are able to play their favorite games whenever the fancy strikes. Given this increased frequency of gambling, it is also important that players understand how to gamble responsibly. When playing online, it is more difficult to ascertain who exactly you are doing business with. However, this doesn’t mean it is impossible. Actually, there are some measures that can be taken before you commence gambling online.

While the internet has provided casino sites, it also has provided ways in which to check the merits of these sites. There are some independently run sites that provide unbiased information regarding casino sites. These sites provide a place for customers to provide feedback about a site. Another thing to look for is customer support. Any reputable site will provide this to help customers when they need it. The best sites provide support 24/7 through different modes of communication. This could include a toll free number, email or a chat forum. Prospective customers should go a step further than just noticing they are provided. They should actually try them out and make sure they are operational. You want to ensure that if you do join the site, you will be supported if and when it is needed.

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A row of “Wheel of Fortune” slot machines in a casino in Las Vegas. This specific slot machine is themed to the TV game show Wheel of Fortune. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once a certain online casino site is verified, the next perplexing decision that may be difficult is deciding what game to play! After all, online casinos do provide a wide range of games. Some games are rather simple to play which are ideal for beginners. These particular games would include slot machines, scratch cards and keno. On the other hand, some games require a bit more strategic thinking. Table games using cards can be found. Favorites in this category include poker, blackjack and baccarat. Another table game, roulette, doesn’t use cards but a special wheel. Craps is a game that features rolling dice.

In Arizona, it is common to see casinos on land that is designated as Indian reservation.  I drive by several casinos on my way to and from work but I am not a gambler.  One of my close friends loves to go to the casino to play BINGO.  I have been with her on two occasions and she finds it to be an extremely enjoyable past time.  She’s been fortunate enough to win big a few times in her life and she’s hooked.  She regularly invites me to play gambling games on Facebook which I always ignore. I’m never quite sure if she’s inviting me on purpose, or if the app she is playing randomly invites all her friends.

I have talked to some people who do like to gamble and they often have a method they use to keep from spending too much money.  I talked to one lady who shared how she gambles responsibly.  She has decided that $20 is enough money to spend playing the slots.  She leaves her purse and credit cards at home.  She brings only her driver’s license and one twenty dollar bill.  She gambles with that $20 until it is gone and then she leaves.  Or, if she wins she takes $20 and places it back into her pocket.  She is then free to play with her winnings but she doesn’t allow herself to touch that $20.  She said on occasion she has pulled it out and spent it but she feels like $20 is a good amount to spend on a relaxing and fun couple of hours.

What do you think about gambling?  Do you think it’s possible to gamble responsibly?  Any tips?   

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