Does Your Bank Have Paperless Withdrawals?

Every Thursday I withdraw $200 from our checking account to give to Mr. A for the groceries he will be buying and his “allowance”.

Some time ago, withdrawal slips were removed from the customer area, I was told they are viewed as a “check” so they don’t like to have them readily available. You have to ask for a withdrawal slip.  I know they are right there with the cashier, so while she was away counting the paper money in our deposit, I got a withdrawal slip and filled it out.

She came back and I produced my withdrawal slip, ready with my debit card since they always make me swipe and put in my personal number.

She informs me that I no longer need to fill out a withdrawal slip, “Let me show you how to make what we call a paperless withdrawal.”

She has me slide my card and enter my pin. On the little screen I’m asked how much money I want to remove, so I entered it.  That was it. She gave me my money and a receipt.

The next week I was in the big city and needed to do the company banking before four, so I stopped at one of the banks I go to regularly. I got in the business banking line and handed the teller the bank bag.  And then I asked for a withdrawal slip.  She handed me one under the protective glass.

But then I remembered, now they have this fancy pants “paperless withdrawal” so I said, “Oh, I guess you really don’t want me to fill this out, you want me to do the paperless withdrawal.”

She looked at me like I had suddenly sprouted a second head on my shoulders.  She said, “Paperless withdrawal? I’ve never heard of that. We ALWAYS have to have you fill out a withdrawal slip for withdrawals.”

As I left the bank, I stopped at the personal bankers and asked one gal if she had ever heard of paperless withdrawals. She grew wide-eyed and asked “What is that? I’ve never heard of it?  Paper withdrawals, you say? Oh no, we always have to have you fill out a paper withdrawal slip.”


Thankfully Mr. A was with me and he was also with me when I was informed at the other branch that I was to do paperless withdrawals from now on, or I might have thought I was going nuts.

Later I contacted my banking authority, Mrs. Money. I knew she could give me an expert answer since she works in a bank.  Guess what?  Mrs. Money had never heard of paperless withdrawals either! A google search using “Wells Fargo” and “paperless withdrawals” doesn’t bring up anything. Wow!  Maybe I’m in the Twilight Zone of banking?

So I’m here to tell you I think this is the wave of the future in banking and I just wanted to let you know it might be coming your way to a bank in your town soon.  I just think it’s amazing that a bank out in the sticks is more technologically advanced than one in the big city.

Yours Truly,

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3 thoughts on “Does Your Bank Have Paperless Withdrawals?

  1. I use ING (online) for most of my banking so I have not really had to deal with this. I do have one local bank that I use to get miscellaneous change and make deposits and I noticed that they have removed the withdrawal slips from the little glass boxes.

    You do have to ask for one and then they only give you ….ONE. You practically have to BEG to get multiple withdrawal slips and I was told this is for customer ‘safety’. Well I always get about three or four so I can fill them out at home and be ready when I walk up to the teller to get my roll of quarters.

    I do not know about the paperless banking system because I do not use debit cards (the debit card for this bank comes with a monthly fee!!!!!) as I generally do not use cash. Very odd.


  2. We here in Canada have stopped using withdrawl/ deposit slips probably 10 years ago, the only ones that do are the small credit union i currently deal with. this all occured when we came out with ATM/ Debit cards. you walk up swipe your card enter your pin and tell them what you want them to do, no filling anything out. I think the paper form is so useless and silly.


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