Tips and Advice for Buying Any Kind of Insurance

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Insurance comes in many forms, and most people have at least a few different insurance products at any given moment. In addition to auto insurance, most people have homeowner’s insurance and life insurance. When shopping for any kind of insurance, it’s important to be thorough and methodical. Without being careful, it’s easy to pay too much or to end up with the wrong kind of coverage. Fortunately, there are a few quick and easy to ways to find top-quality insurance that doesn’t break the bank. The following tips are sure to help.

Always Shop Around

This tip may seem obvious, but many people end up buying the first insurance policy they find. Even if a policy seems to have very reasonable rates, it’s always best to get a feel for the big picture. People are often surprised by how much prices vary from one insurance provider to the next. Besides, it’s not difficult to shop around for insurance these days. Quick and easy online quotes for everything from life insurance to car insurance are readily available.

Check a Company’s Financial Stability

It’s not worth it to buy inexpensive insurance if it comes from a company that’s on shaky financial ground. Luckily, it’s easy to find out whether or not a company is financially stable. Organizations like A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s keep track of the financial stability of today’s most popular insurance companies. If a company is skating on thin ice financially, it may not be able to make good on claims that are filed by its customers, which can have very serious repercussions.

Investigate Complaint Records

Although it may seem like a lot of extra work, it’s well worth it to check and see if complaints have been filed about a company before buying insurance from it. Most states maintain their own insurance departments that keep track of such complaints. Another great resource is the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. These organizations keep track of consumer complaints. This small but important step can prevent a lot of frustration and trouble later.

Check Consumer Ratings

Complaints aren’t the only things that matter when it comes to buying life insurance, auto insurance or any other kind of insurance. Organizations like J.D. Power collect consumer ratings about insurance companies. This is a quick and easy way to zero in on companies that have very positive ratings. It’s also a great way to avoid insurance companies that don’t seem to provide very good service.

Maintain a Good Record

Some things that are taken into consideration when calculating insurance premiums are outside of a person’s control. However, there are exceptions. In many cases, a person’s credit score may be taken into consideration. Therefore, it’s well worth it to maintain an excellent credit score and history. Similarly, it’s impossible to get excellent car insurance rates with a dismal driving record. By avoiding tickets and steering clear of accidents, drivers can get the lowest rates possible.

Check for Multiple-Policy Discounts

Many insurance companies offer several different types of coverage, but people often fail to take advantage of this fact. To snap up as much business as possible, many insurance companies offer discounts to people who have multiple policies. For instance, getting life insurance and auto insurance from the same company can result in significant savings. At any rate, there’s no reason not to check and see. A quick phone call could result in a very nice discount.

Periodically Shop Around

Even if an insurance company provides great service and seems to offer low rates, there’s no harm in periodically shopping around for a better deal. If nothing else, collecting auto insurance quotes from time to time ensures that there aren’t lower prices out there. Many times, an insurance company will lower its rates in order to hold onto an existing customer. By presenting a quote for a lower price to his or her existing insurance provider, a person may be able to snap up a better deal.

Insurance is an absolute necessity, but there’s no reason to spend a small fortune on it every month. By keeping the preceding tips in mind, it’s easy to spend less and get more.


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  1. I’m getting ready to apply for individual health insurance for my spouse and me, ages 60 & 62, non-smokers with just a couple health problems each. If you or your readers have any advice or “war stories,” I’d love to hear from them at Thanks much, Debbie
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    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Deborah, I hope you get some responses. Do you have to wait a few more years for Medicare?


    Deborah Collins Reply:

    @Mrs. Accountability, ‘Fraid so, Mrs. A – my hubby too. We may have to take a gamble with a high deductible policy and just pay for doctor visits and prescriptions pretty much out of our own pocket ’til then unless I find the magic plan out there!

    Thanks for asking!

    Deborah Collins recently posted..WARNING TO GEN-NEXT-ers by Gary MillerMy Profile


  2. Stability is huge, especially with home insurance in Florida. If a big hurricane comes through and your company isn’t stable you may never get that payment! Do your homework because a cheap rate with bad stability may mean no payout for you when you really need it!
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  3. thanks a lot for these wonderful tips…they seems practical….and i am sure they’ll work….i am glad that i learned these as i was going to buy an auto insurance next week:)thanks again…and keep on posting helpful stuff like this


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