Do You Use Those Store Super Saver Cards?

Savers Value Village Super Saver Card

First let me say that even though I portray a photo and story about the Savers/Value Village “Super Savers Club Card” I’m including all the other super saver cards, for example, from the regular grocery stores and pet food marts and the like.

I’ve been visiting Savers lately because my boss gave me $50 for [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Why You Should Always Pay Yourself First When Budgeting

Dollar Bills

Today I have a guest post from Natalie who blogs at Debt and the Girl.   Natalie has student loans, a mortgage, and credit card debt and she is like many of the rest of us, just trying to get out of debt.  Here today is Natalie’s take on why we should always [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Don’t Let a Salesperson Put An Order In for You

Red Stapler by Flickrite Ivy Dawned

Last week at work I made a mistake.  I’m in charge of ordering the office supplies and a representative from one of the big chains was coming by to visit with me and tell me all about the “business” portion which I was sure to save oodles of [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Paying Extra toward the Principal on my Mortgage and I’m So Excited!

Manufactured home Flickr Image from Afroswede

Only a personal finance blogger would react the way I did today when I opened the payment booklet from my mortgage company and saw that our mortgage payment had gone down to $508.85 from $534.02.  I whooped and said, “Finally!  I’m catching a break!  This extra is going straight to the principal!”  [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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