Savers Value Village Super Saver Card

Do You Use Those Store Super Saver Cards?

Savers Value Village Super Saver Card

First let me say that even though I portray a photo and story about the Savers/Value Village “Super Savers Club Card” I’m including all the other super saver cards, for example, from the regular grocery stores and pet food marts and the like.

I’ve been visiting Savers lately because my boss gave me $50 for my birthday last month.  Cash, from her own pocket.  Isn’t that sweet of her?  I thought it was.  She always remembers my birthday, but usually she buys me gifts and they are always cool but cash is great because then I can buy exactly what I want.

I always find it relaxing to spend a half an hour or hour shopping at Savers so on my way home from work on Thursday afternoons I’ve been making a pit stop.  My boss expects a report back on what I’ve bought, so I am making a point to spend this money all on me.  Last week I found the perfect black pencil skirt for myself in size 10 which looks stunning on my new smaller body.  Yesterday I found a beige / light yellow pencil skirt which is just the slightest bit too snug, but you know… incentive to stay the course. Which is to continue eating healthy and stay low on my carbohydrates.  I would like to lose about 15 more pounds.  Wow.  A few years ago that was 80 pounds.  Cool.

Savers has made some changes to the store where I usually shop.  I haven’t been there in probably 3 or 4 months or longer.  The first thing I noticed is that for as long as I’ve shopped at Savers – for at least twenty years now – they have always sorted the clothing by color.  If you are looking for a pink blouse, just find the pink blouses in your size and sort through.  One of the gals that worked there was putting new blouses on the racks and I commented on how the clothing is no longer sorted by color. She explained it was something new that they were doing and I would find that they are now sorting by tag color in order of when the items come into the store.  She said for those who want to find the 50% off tags it’s easier and quicker.  I think they rotate old stock from one Savers to the next too, so I’m sure it’s easier for them to grab the oldest stock and ship it to the next store when it’s sorted that way.

Excellent strategy at whoever came up with this idea.  Just imagine the time they are saving by being able to quickly load the racks with new product, instead of having to put the pinks here, the reds there, the greens there, and so on.

The other thing that Savers has incorporated and I’m not sure how long they’ve been doing this, but it seems fairly new, is they’ve incorporated a Super Savers card.

So as well as the skirt, I found a cream colored lace blouse, exactly what I was looking for, I might add.  I love when that happens.  I had two blouses, the skirt, and I’d found six beautiful juice glasses and an index card box for storing business receipts for my blogging.  I was in line, waiting to check out and the cashier asked the lady ahead of me as he began to ring up her items, “Do you have a Super Savers card?”  She said, “No.”  He asked, “Would you like one?”  She said, “No, thanks.”

The very next second, as he was continuing to scan her items, he picked up the phone where they make the announcements for the store and proceeded to make a store announcement.  Now I can’t remember it verbatim, but this is close:

Hello Savers shoppers!   Savers has everything you need to go on a camping trip from tents to sleeping bags.  Or if you are staying at home we’ve got books, movies and popcorn makers.  Today in the store, all the silver tags are 50% off, so find those silver tags and get a great deal.  For those who have a Super Saver card, remember that today you will save an additional 25% off on your order when you check out. Thank you for shopping at Savers.


I couldn’t help but smile to myself thinking of the implications of his actions. He had made a store announcement only minutes earlier, so as far as I could tell there was really no need to make one right in the middle of ringing up a customer.  I wondered how the patron felt — was she now smacking herself for not agreeing to get the Super Saver card?  Did she feel embarrassed? Maybe she feels guilty for shopping at a thrift store and doesn’t want to pay any less.   During one of the spiels from the store speaker we heard how Savers helps non-profits in the area so maybe she wanted to pay full price to do all she could to help.

But still I wondered why she would choose to pay more, when she could pay less?  Her order came to $39.50.  She could have saved almost $10.  To me it’s like she took a ten dollar bill out of her pocket and ripped it into shreds and threw it in the trash.  Her savings could have paid for my entire order.

I know of people who refuse to have a shopper card from the grocery store because they don’t want the store or anyone else tracking their purchasing habits.  I guess I have just never cared about that enough to pay significantly more on my groceries.

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Now back to my original question – do you use those Super Saver cards at the store?    I’d love to hear in the comments.  If you don’t, why not?

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7 thoughts on “Do You Use Those Store Super Saver Cards?

  1. In grocery stores, I deeply resent being made to disgorge personal information so that I can pay a fair (sometimes) retail price for products. My feeling is, if the store can afford to give a “discount” to people who don’t care how much private information is gathered fro them, the store can afford to charge the same amount to everyone. In fact, of course, what’s happening is the cardholder isn’t getting a discount; the person who doesn’t want to share personal information is getting a gouge.

    These things are so ubiquitous you can’t do without them to do your normal shopping. I couldn’t get by without using the Safeway, since few decent stores are within driving distance of my house. And I will say, I resent even more being made to lie about who I am and what my phone number is (it’s INSANE to give your phone number to a retailer!!!) in order to get a fair price on the groceries there. And I resent being expected to haul fistfuls of plastic cards around with me, too.

    There are some stores I will not patronize because of these things: Petsmart and Cost Plus (World Market) come to mind. If I don’t have to have the products they sell, I just don’t shop there. And yes, I will pay more for the privilege. But usually one doesn’t: here in Phoenix, for example, Basha’s and Albertson’s are competitive with Safeway’s “marked-down” prices.
    Funny about Money recently posted..Competitive Shopping at the Home DepotMy Profile


  2. Goodwill has a saver-type card, and the cashiers are required to ask if people have them. Fun fact, though: you can’t get them anymore, so when I say no, they’re like, “oh, too bad.”
    Kathleen recently posted..State of my Debts: June Check inMy Profile


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Kathleen, I’m confused. If you can’t even get the Goodwill card anymore, why do they ask? I would be upset if I found that I could save 25% but sorry, I didn’t sign up for a card that no longer exists. ??


    Kathleen Reply:

    @Mrs. Accountability, I think they ask to remind people who have them, to use them? I don’t know, but it seems like they HAVE to ask.
    Kathleen recently posted..Goals in Review, June Goals, and a funny pictureMy Profile


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