Do You Ever Get Sick and Tired of Your Personal Finances?

I remember when I was younger,  I actually looked forward to sitting down, reviewing my finances and paying bills.   I’m serious!  I loved it!  Nowadays I put it off for as long as I can, and as I sit down to start the process a feeling of dread [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Four Easy Ways to Save Money – Right Now

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The following is a guest post.

To be a guru with your money, you have to know how to save it.  With the wealth of ways to do this, we’re going to look at some easy yet powerful ways to save. 

1.      Compare What You Are Paying for Insurance

They’re not just [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

A Threat from Wells Fargo

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Back in February 2008, I helped Mr. A apply for a bank secured credit card so he could start building credit since he had dealt in cash for most of his life.  About one year later the card was graduated to an unsecured card and the spending limit raised from $600 to [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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