Flameless Wax Candles

Review: Flameless Candles Set a Safe Romantic Mood

Several weeks ago Mr. A found several of these new flameless wax candles marked down on clearance at Lowe’s to three dollars each.   I had never seen them before but suddenly they seem to be popping up all over, I’ve seen them recently in Costco as well as at a couple of grocery stores.

Mr. A set them up in our bedroom to create a romantic mood and they are amazingly realistic. Honestly, the first couple of nights Mr. A actually tried to snuff out the “flame” with his fingers as you would a real candle. Until we started using these candles, I never realized what a stressor real candles can be.  We’ve been lying in bed at night thinking of how on guard we’d be if we were using real candles.

No Fire Danger

With real candles, there is the frightening reality that something could catch on fire. Like your house, for one. We’ve all heard the horror stories about people using candles too close to a curtain and falling asleep and the next thing they know their house is in flames. There is no danger of putting your sleeve too close to the flame and catching yourself on fire.  If you are in bed feeling sleepy and using real candles you endanger your life, but not with flameless candles.  Our electricity goes out where we live on occasion and we always pull out the real candles.  But you can’t just go to bed and leave the candles going, you have to be sure to blow them out first.  These flameless candles are really going to come in handy.

No Soot, No Smoke, No Smell

One of the reasons I’ve avoided using real candles is because of the smoke and the smell of the wick burning.  With flameless candles it truly looks like you are have candles lit, but there are no allergy irritants.  I also don’t like “smelly” candles.  You can buy flameless candles like this one that have a scent (and this one even has a timer!) 4-Inch Flameless Round Pillar Vanilla Scented Candle with Timer but I prefer the type we have without scent.

No Dripping Wax

These candles are made of wax and so they feel like a real candle, but since they aren’t set on fire there is never any dripping wax.  So… no danger of ruining something with hot wax, accidentally spilling it on your clothing, the carpet, or burning yourself with hot wax.

Never Need Replacing

With real candles, the wick burns down and the candle melts.  Not so with these cool flameless candles!  They do take two double A batteries, but they last for 120 hours!  If you use rechargeable batteries then you’ll really save.

I made a video of the candles… can you tell which are flameless and which are real?

As I said, we’ve been using these flameless candles in our bedroom at night and they are so realistic that it is hard to get your brain to realize there is not an actual flame.  I love them because they don’t melt and no worries that something might catch fire.

Have you seen or used these new flameless wax candles?  What do you think of them?

Flameless Wax Candles

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5 thoughts on “Review: Flameless Candles Set a Safe Romantic Mood

  1. Aren’t those things a hoot? Last year Costco had them in the form of little fake tea candles. If you have an old pillar candle that’s melted a hole in the middle of it, you can drop the fake tea candle down in there and it’ll look very much like a real candle.

    But this year they’re showing those ones you have at the very top of your post. Now THOSE look suspiciously like real candles.

    Last time we had storms after dark, I broke out the fake candles. Like you say: if you fall asleep while the power’s out and your “candles” are burning, nothing bad will happen.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Funny about Money, I just love them! They do look very real and they are made of wax, so they are “real” in that regard, there’s just no flame! My husband told me I should mention that not all of them take AA batteries, some take the flat coin-shaped batteries, which are expensive. Here’s a fun frugal story regarding those batteries that you’ll enjoy. 🙂 My husband says one of his tools, a volt meter, uses the flat coin batteries. Three of them, and only two come in a package which cost $6. He’d bought a package of twenty tea lights from CVS that cost $10. After he got them home it occurred to him they used the coin batteries, and he knows how much they cost to replace so he was going to take the tea light candles back. But when he examined them closely, he found they were exactly the same battery his volt meter takes! They look identical, same number on them and everything! So he decided to keep them because the batteries end up costing fifty cents each when buying them within the tea light candles (instead of $6.00 for the two pack!) Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂


  2. I’ve heard of them through the MLM company Scentsy, which sells that kind of candle. My concern is: even if there is no smell from the burning, wouldn’t they still give off a bit of toxins in the air (assuming the wax is synthetic and not bees/soy)?


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Emily, hi… hmmm… I have no idea for the answer to this. I did not realize that there was such a thing as synthetic wax. What is synthetic wax?! Our candles have no scent whatsoever, so I am not sure. Let me know if you learn more! 🙂


    Emily Reply:

    @Mrs. Accountability, most candles you buy today are made of paraffin, which is petroleum-based. Here’s an anti-paraffin article: http://www.epicureantable.com/articles/acandles.htm

    Although the National Candle Association says that such claims have not been proven, I tend to be on the cautious side when it comes to petroleum-based products.

    That being said, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle…


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