Phone Banking with First Credit Union – How to Transfer Funds to Make a Loan Payment

My boss banks with First Credit Union and recently they underwent some big changes in both their online access and telephone access.  So much so that the telephone operators who answer the phone when you call the bank don’t even have the first clue on how to get through the phone tree.  My boss asked me if I would help her figure out the instructions to make her loan payment since when she called the credit union they were unable to help her with step by step instructions.  I’d made the last set of instructions for her, so when the bank could not help her update the procedure, naturally she hoped I could do so.  It was a bit more complicated, and there had been some significant changes to both the steps entailed and the information needed. For example, previously you entered the hash or pound sign after many entries, now you don’t.  Previously your social security number was not involved, now you have to enter the last four digits of your social in order to proceed.

I ended up having to call the credit union myself for clarification of the “four digit ID” for the account.  The woman did not know what I was talking about. First she told me it was the PIN number… when I told her it was not, she said it was the last four of the social security number… again, I told her that was incorrect as the four digit ID is asked for after these two items have been entered in.  The specific reason I called was because I wanted to know if the savings and checking suffixes (four digit ID) on the accounts are universal, as I also bank with this credit union.  I wanted to know if I could assume my boss’s four digit ID would be the same as mine. She finally was able to confirm that this was correct.

My boss gave me all the information I would need, and I set about figuring it out.

Before you start, make sure you have on hand:

  • Your “member number” which is your account number.
  • Your PIN number, usually four digits.
  • The last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN).
  • The four digit ID for the account you are using to make the loan payment; this is basically the suffix on your account with the primary savings account being 0001, and your primary checking account being 0009.
  • Your loan account’s four digit ID, usually 0090 for your primary loan.


  1. Dial (480) 345-2107
  2. Wait until the automaton says “Okay, let’s continue” in English.  If you get antsy and press 2 before she says “Okay, let’s continue” you will now be listening to the Spanish speaking automaton
  3. Press 2 (Funds Transfer Activities)
  4. Enter your member number xxxxxxxx (don’t pause, if you do you will be told your account number cannot be found as entered)
  5. Enter PIN number xxxx
  6. Press 1 (Funds Transfer Menu – Transfer Funds)
  7. Last 4 digits of SSN
  8. Press 1 (“Transfer Funds to occur immediately”)
  9. Press 1 (“Savings”)
  10. Press 1 yes
  11. Enter four digit ID to transfer from: xxxx (primary savings is usually 0001)
  12. Press 2 for Loan account
  13. To pay loan xxxx (loans are usually 0090)
  14. Enter amount 300asterisk00
  15. Press 1 if correct

The woman I talked to on the phone told me they were in the process of putting together wallet cards for accessing the telephone teller. I guess when they were planning the big upgrade to their system they did not realize this would be an issue.

There is usually a learning curve to most upgrades of this magnitude and it seemed rather flawless in my experience since I mostly access this bank through their website.

Have you ever experienced major upheaval when your bank or credit union upgraded or has it been rather flawless?

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1 thought on “Phone Banking with First Credit Union – How to Transfer Funds to Make a Loan Payment

  1. I can see a lot of peoople who pay by phone missing their monthly payment if they try to do it at the last minute though…

    Glad to hear that the web transition was seamless 🙂


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