Review: Go Free Credit – Get All Three Credit Scores

I’ve been dying to see how Credit Karma and “credit scores” match up with actual FICO credit scores. I was finally able to quench that desire with this offer from GoFreeCredit where you can get all three of your credit scores, from all three reporting agencies.

Here are the numbers that I pulled recently – I have to say, not too shabby:

Transunion: 780

Experian: 792

Equifax: 742

Mrs. Accountability's Credit Scores Courtesy of Credit Score Complete

My TransUnion score is 780.

Here’s what I found at Credit Karma, which provides the TransRisk score from TransUnion:

Mrs. Accountability's Credit Karma Score

Pretty nifty, yes? These numbers match perfectly.

Now let’s see what I find at Credit Sesame, which provides a score from Experian.

My Experian credit score is 792.

Mrs. Accountability's Credit Sesame Score

Hmmmm….  Credit Sesame says it’s 761.   That’s quite a big difference…  Interesting, but nice to know it’s actually 31 points higher.

Next up, Equifax.

I found it interesting that my Equifax score of 742 is soooooo much lower than TransUnion and Experian, considering that it just so happens I’ve had two inquiries through Equifax since the beginning of this year.

Date of Inquiry with Equifax

Coincidence, or not? The second inquiry from Wells Fargo in January, who I explicitly told I did not want a credit card for my business account.  I told the banker I did not want my credit to be affected, and I did not need a credit card for my little online business. But somehow, Wells Fargo just pushes those credit card applications through without the customer’s permission, and even when the customer specifically declines the offer… hrmm…

Now in all fairness, I have not checked my Equifax score since August 2009 and at that time it was 722. And there’s that little WEBBANKBML Inquiry… yes, I finally wore down and agreed to $10 off on my purchase with Bill Me Later through PayPal a couple of weeks ago.

Maybe my score was right up there until the Bill Me Later inquiry… at any rate, this has been very interesting to check my credit scores and see how it looks.

Signing up with GoFreeCredit took mere minutes.

Step 1, enter your first and last name, email address and zip code and click on Try it Free.

Go Free Credit Try It Free Screen

Step 2, click on debit or credit card, enter the name on your card, enter your card type, enter your card number and expiration date, your email and click Show me my 3 FREE Scores.

Go Free Credit Get Your 3 Free Scores

I declined Identity Hawk invitation by clicking No.

Go Free Credit Identity Hawk Offer

And now you’re at Step 3, with your order confirmation.  You may notice the logo is now Credit Score Complete.  CreditScoreComplete is the credit monitoring service for the GoFreeCredit offer. You may want to print this page so that you have your membership number available.  Click on See Scores Now.

Go Free Credit Screen Shot 3

Click Start Here at the next screen, almost done…

Go Free Credit

Four more steps to complete, here’s where you’ll need to have your past information so you will be able to choose the correct information. Typically you will be asked when your mortgage was started, or with which mortgage company, phone numbers you’ve had in the past, addresses where you’ve lived previously, etc. This helps them to verify that you are who you say you are. Follow the instructions on each screen as you make your way through the steps.

Go Free Credit

And finally you’re at the point where you can see your credit report and all three of your credit scores.

Be aware that you are signing up for a subscription package, which costs $1 to start, and $19.99 a month if you do not cancel within seven days.   Take your time and go over the information, be sure make a PDF of your credit report or print it out and then make a point to cancel, unless you are interested in checking your scores every month on a regular basis.

I thought this was a great opportunity to check my credit scores and finally have the chance to compare them in real time to Credit Karma and Credit Sesame.

Should you choose to cancel, here are the ways you can do that:

  1. Log in to your account and cancel (according to the welcome email there is an option to cancel your subscription within your account area)
  2. Use this phone number to call them Monday through Saturday and speak with a live operator (you’ll need your account number): 1-800-316-8750.
  3. Use the same phone number and with your account number you can cancel your subscription with an automated operator.

When I called to cancel it was very easy, no hassles whatsoever. Be sure to get a confirmation number if you do decide to cancel your subscription.  Be sure to cancel before your seven days are up, or you will be charged $19.99.

Let me know in the comments if you do the same, and how your credit scores match up!

GoFreeCredit - Do You Know Your Credit Scores?



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6 comments to Review: Go Free Credit – Get All Three Credit Scores

  • Just signed up need to remember to cancel later tonight. Cool way to get your actual scores. Mine are all about 700 but opposite of yours which is weird (meaning your highest is my lowest).


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Evan, awesome! I would like to see mine get up to the 800s again! Did you get to see if there were any inquiries to Experian recently, more than the others, or maybe only inquiries to Experian?


    Evan Reply:

    @Mrs. Accountability,

    Experian was my highest Transunion was lowest (opposite of yours). But the transunion had a 2 day late payment (UGH MY FAULT 18 months ago) lol the others don’t


  • YOY

    Mrs. A, I think these are probably not real FICO scores, as you can’t buy an experian score any more, and there’s only a couple places you can purchase real FICO scores for TU and EQ .. still .. I like to see how my various “credit” scores stack up across the various reports too, and hadn’t heard of this offer from gofreecredit before. Thanks!


  • Ian Jones

    It’s certainly interesting to find out your credit score. However, I’d also be intrigued to see how these scores match up with FICO data; of course the scores are only meaningful if they are accurate. I wasn’t aware that you could access your credit score so easily, which makes me somewhat sceptical of its integrity! I’m often wary of subscription packages as it’s easy to fall into the trap of paying more than you intended if you forget to cancel your account!


  • […] Review: Go Free Credit – Get All Three Credit Scores. I’ve been dying to see how Credit Karma and Credit Sesame “credit scores” match up with actual FICO credit scores. I was finally able to quench that desire with this offer from GoFreeCredit where you can get all three of your credit scores, from all three reporting agencies. Out of Debt Again […]

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