Monthly Archives: April 2011

We Should Shop Like This Even When We Aren’t Short on Money

Ever since the financial crisis hit us, which I first mentioned in this post: Tough Times at the Accountability Household, things still haven’t eased up. Mr. A’s business is bringing in enough to cover business expenses, and pay some extra toward the business credit card, but not enough to take a draw for our household. This is quite frustrating for me, but there’s not too much I can do about it. And to add more frustration, his cell phone is… Read the rest

Trying Out True Rest Float Spa – Your Own Personal Sensory Deprivation Tank Experience

A few months ago, I did something I consider to be quite unfrugal.  I do that every once in awhile and debate sharing my True Confessions here at the blog. So here’s the scoop: I bought a Groupon coupon to a spa – the True Rest Float Spa to be exact.  The reason why I did it is because I don’t feel like I get to relax a whole lot, in fact, most days I feel like the only time… Read the rest

I Only Made $600, Do I Have to Claim It?

I think there is some confusion surrounding the magic number of $600. I hear people say, “Well, I only earned $500 from that company, so I don’t have to claim it on my taxes.” Usually this person works a regular job, with a regular paycheck . Let’s say they make $20,000 a year.  With that $500 they earned, they actually now made $20,500. The $600 comes in for the company – the company is not required to send you a… Read the rest

It’s Tax Time Again – How Are You Doing With Your Taxes?

I finally sat down this weekend and started to seriously look at our taxes. I know, I know! As a personal finance blogger, I should have had them done months ago! Unfortunately, I am still blaming the whole computer backup disaster for my troubles and tardiness.  What will my excuse be next year?  Probably the same one. Hey, if President Obama can continue to blame the previous president for all of his problems, I can blame a computer backup disaster… Read the rest