Guest Post: 5 Money Lessons I Learned From My Little League Baseball Coach

Today I have a guest post from Kris Bickell and the money lessons he learned from playing baseball as a youngster.

Spring is in the air, and so is the excitement about the start of another baseball season. When I was young, I enjoyed the start of little league practice. People often say you [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Review: Pay Off Debt App – Get Out of Debt with Your iPhone or iPad

Pay Off Debt App for iPhone and iPad

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to take a look at Jackie at Money Crush’s awesome iPhone app called Pay Off Debt.

If you are serious about getting out of debt and you have an iPhone, you want to look into this app. One thing I thought was great [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Carnival of Money Stories #100 Retire Gracefully Edition

Today is the Retire Gracefully edition of the Carnival of Money Stories.

Editor’s Picks

Philip from PT Money presents Anatomy of a Big Financial Mistake, “A funny story involving a drunk call with some pretty good personal finance takeaways.” Darwin presents People Aren’t This Stupid, Are They? posted at Darwin’s Money, saying, “You’ve gotta [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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