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4 Ways to Use Up Vegetables So You Don’t Waste Food

Amanda over at Frugal Confessions recently wrote on the topic of wasting food in a post called Waste Not Want Not Baking Catastrophes and Food Waste in Our Household.  As I began making a comment in response, I realized I have a lot to say about wasting food so I decided to put together a post or two of my own on the topic. Another inspiration in putting this post together came from One Frugal Girl’s Pizza Night Gets a… Read the rest

Costco Business Order and Delivery

About a month ago I persuaded my boss to let me try out Costco business delivery.  All of these years I’ve been shopping in person for things like candy bars, rubber gloves, 10 pound cans of green beans and cases of Coca-Cola.   This kind of shopping takes up quite a bit of time, precious time that I really don’t have to spend shopping.  I do actually enjoy spending time in Costco even if I’m not shopping for myself, but I… Read the rest
hand knitted scarf

Why I Would Never Recommend 1&1 as a Webhost Provider

Years ago I was part of an email list of women who had many things in common, one being we were into fiber arts.  Many of us were knitting, and someone came up with the idea to sell our scarves online. We started out with a very rudimentary website, which I put dozens if not hundreds of hours into creating back when I was a stay at home mom.  One of the ladies kept pressuring us to use Zen Cart.… Read the rest

How the 2011 Tax Changes Affected My Take Home Pay

One of my many tasks for my employer is to process the payroll and print out checks.  Since we are all salaried and paid twice a month, this is usually an easy and –  dare I say – almost boring task since usually everything stays the same month after month. However, the first payroll run of the year added some excitement and was actually a bit of a challenge because of the 2011 tax changes, namely the federal income tax… Read the rest