What Are Your Least Favorite Jobs?

It’s interesting how we each seem to be cut out for certain jobs. And equally interesting how there are jobs we never wish to hold.

My Least Favorite Jobs

I knew in the fifth grade that I never wanted to be a teacher, or a bus driver. I was a quiet excellent student, horrified by the troublemakers in my class and on the bus. One year earlier my mother had remarried, and our parents would occasionally leave me at home in charge of my two sisters and stepbrother. I was expected to crack the whip, to make them do their chores so that the house was tidy and clean when our parents arrived home.

Only my siblings were not exactly enthusiastic about this situation so I spent most of the time threatening and cajoling.

These situations led me to believe that I’d never want to be a schoolteacher. Ironically, I am a very good teacher, as I homeschooled my children and teach my coworkers computer skills.

The other job I decided I’d never want to do was to work at a fast food joint. One of my younger sisters worked at a fast food place in her teens and I just felt so sorry for her because she looked so hot and sweaty behind the counter.

My Favorite Jobs

On the other hand, I’ve been intrigued by computers since I first learned of them. Before that I loved typewriters and calculators, but of course they pale in comparison to computers.

I got my first computer when I was 21 years old. It actually had a 640MB hard drive, where most folks with computers back then had only two 5 1/4″ floppy drives.  That means I’ve owned a computer for 26 years.

I’ve also always loved gardening, so I would really dig working for a nursery or farm.

What job would you rather not hold?

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5 thoughts on “What Are Your Least Favorite Jobs?

  1. As a oldest sister of four (with the same gender mix as your family) I can relate to being left in charge. All the responsibility with little authority!

    However, my least favorite job was with TSA. Some day I’ll have to write a post (or three) about it.


  2. As a military spouse, I can say that I would never want to be in the military or be a politician! I have my dream job of staying home and taking care of our home while homeschooling our daughter.


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