Bottom Drawer - Shorts and Pants

An Awesome Way to Organize Your Dresser Drawers

I used to be one of those people who left all my clothes in the laundry basket and dug through to find what I wanted to wear.  Of course then they would be wrinkly so I’d have to use my secret weapon to remove those wrinkles.

When you are exhausted all the time, it’s hard to find the energy to get the clothes into the washer let alone actually fold and put them away.

If I did fold my clothes and put them away, I’d make three neat stacks in the drawers.  Each item on top of the other.  But one day I was watching Clean House and I took note of how Trish Suhr (The Yard Sale Diva and Organizer Extraordinare) was organizing the dresser drawers.

Instead of stacking the clothing, she had everything tipped on its side, so you could see at a glance everything in the drawer.  With stacking it’s hard to know what’s under the top item.

I’ve been feeling a lot better since going on the GAPS diet so I decided to follow her example, and I am just amazed at how much less stressful, not to mention how much less time it takes, to be able to open my dresser drawers and find what I want to wear for the day, instead of having to dig through a basket of wrinkled clothing!

My mom always did our drawers this way, and it has stuck all my life.

  • Top Drawer: socks, underwear, etc.
  • Second Drawer: Shirts and Tops
  • Third Drawer: Shorts and Pants

I also keep my personal wash clothes in my top drawer.  My socks are by No Nonsense, they are ankle high and they are my favorite socks.  Two things I love about them: they are all exactly the same so it’s easier to match them together, and they last a very long time!  I am sure I’ve had these pairs for at least four or five years and they are still in great shape with absolutely no holes or wear in the toes or heels. I know they’re a bit dingy, but hey, no one ever sees them but me, so I’m not going to bleach them and shorten their life span.

Top Drawer - Undies, Socks

The next drawer down is my tops and shirts drawer.

As I said, I used to fold and stack so it would take a few seconds of digging underneath and between the stacks to locate a specific shirt that I was looking for. But now with this new method of tipping the shirts on edge, I can see at a glance which shirt is which. I love this new method for keeping my drawers neat and tidy!

My third drawer holds shorts and pants.

I had to learn how to do a bit of a fold and roll with my shorts to get them to fit lengthwise into the drawer.

Bottom Drawer - Shorts and Pants

I’m really pleased with this new method and I’m trying to get Mr. A to let me put his clothes in his dresser. He’s not too keen on the idea. He says he prefers to dig his out all wrinkled from the clothes basket. Well, I guess that’s his prerogative. 😉

So are you neat and tidy with perfect drawers? Do you think you might try this method of organization? Let me know in the comments!

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