The Transcript of Our Income Tax Return

A couple of weeks ago, while recovering from the Great Backup Accident of 2010, I shared How to Get a Copy of Your Federal Tax Return.

I was told by the agent I spoke with that it would take a “couple of weeks” to get the transcript back, since I’d called in with my information, and he also told me the transcript would “contain every line used on my income tax return”.

Well, it turns out that wasn’t exactly correct. First of all, it took less than a week to get back my transcript, so that was nice.

Here’s a scanned copy of the lines which they included, with our personal details blacked out:

However, it did not contain every line on my income tax return. I envisioned a printout that would contain every single numbered line from the 1040, the Schedule C’s, etc.

This will not allow me to recreate exactly what we sent to the IRS, so I decided to submit a Request for Copy of Tax Return Form 4506. This is costing me $57.00, but it is worth it to me. I am the type that worries about not having copies of important documentation like this, so it will make me feel a lot better to just pay for it.

I still need to figure out how to get a copy of our Arizona Income Tax Return.

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4 thoughts on “The Transcript of Our Income Tax Return

  1. Oh looks like they have changed the transcript! I got my husband’s 2005 transcript in 2007, it did have all the line items from the return, including all the extra forms. Not a good change…

    If you are still looking for AZ income tax, I recently looked it up for my friend. One way you could get this is by filling a form 450 Request for certified copies of documents (may be there are other ways to get “non-certified” version of this, not sure). It is not allowing me to paste the Url, so trying other way — in the AZDOR website, click on the forms link on the left side bar, click on the “other”, the form will be there. I was expecting it to be part of the “individual” section. Oh well…


  2. Awful! This makes me feel slightly less foolish for maintaining two file drawers full of old hard-copy tax returns.

    In the Quicken department, I used to back mine up to’s server space. Turns out that when you do that, it’s not actually backing up a Quicken data file; it’s making some sort of image that Quicken can’t read. Got myself an external hard drive and started double-backing up every time I visited Quicken to add new entries: once to the external hard drive and once to a flash drive dedicated solely to Quicken. Now I’m using Excel, because it’s a little more universal…which reminds me: better back that up today!


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