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My Guest Post over at The Digerati Life How to Get Hired & Get the Job You Want by Volunteering

Hi to you!   Please take a moment to hop on over to The Digerati Life where SVB has so graciously accepted my guest post  How to Get Hired & Get The Job You Want by Volunteering. I’ll tell you how I got my current job by volunteering, and also how AJ got his brand new job through volunteering only three months ago. Have a wonderful day!OUT OF DEBT AGAIN is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an… Read the rest

What Are Your Least Favorite Jobs?

It’s interesting how we each seem to be cut out for certain jobs. And equally interesting how there are jobs we never wish to hold. My Least Favorite Jobs I knew in the fifth grade that I never wanted to be a teacher, or a bus driver. I was a quiet excellent student, horrified by the troublemakers in my class and on the bus. One year earlier my mother had remarried, and our parents would occasionally leave me at home… Read the rest
Bottom Drawer - Shorts and Pants

An Awesome Way to Organize Your Dresser Drawers

I used to be one of those people who left all my clothes in the laundry basket and dug through to find what I wanted to wear.  Of course then they would be wrinkly so I’d have to use my secret weapon to remove those wrinkles. When you are exhausted all the time, it’s hard to find the energy to get the clothes into the washer let alone actually fold and put them away. If I did fold my clothes… Read the rest

How Do I Make a Will?

My biggest fear when flying is that the plane is going to crash. I really hate the thought of Mr. A and I going together on the same flight. If we crash and die together, we leave our two sons without parents. To ease my anxiety over this, the least we can do is have a will in place, in the event my fears are precognitive. I know, I know.  I have heard twice already from in real life friends… Read the rest