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Tightwad BlogToday Tightwad from Tightwad Blog and I are exchanging question and answer posts.

After you read her answers here, go over to her site and read my answers. And while you’re at her site, take a look around and subscribe to her blog!

Tightwad, do you do your incomes taxes early or at the last minute?

I am very particular about taxes!  I am a receipt hoarder of the highest order and keep an excel spreadsheet that is updated every so often (like, say every two months) with information about utilities and grocery spending habits. This habit was learned the hard way when it took Hubs and I several weeks to organize a year’s worth of receipts and bills for taxes instead of trying our best to keep on top of them throughout the year.

What is the last big dollar ($1000) item you bought?

Probably the last big ticket item that I bought would be during our home renovations – and that item would be my dishwasher, which I LOVE. It’s pretty to look at and runs a quick econo cycle which is very handy and enviro.

Do you look at the Sunday sale ads?

To be honest, typically papers go directly in the recycling. I don’t think Canada offers the same coupon incentives as you get in the States (I could be wrong?) but we shop quite strategically and doing ‘big shops’ at big local markets and farmer’s markets can be quite reasonable. Also I loves generic brands offered by some grocery stores, and also loves the bulk section.

If you’re in a relationship – joint or separate accounts?

Despite being together for five years… our accounts are still separate.

Favorite cheap date?

Hubs and I just love to get out and volley the tennis ball around, or walk down at our local beach for a some fish and chips at the little hut thingey down there.

Did any blogger in particular inspire you to start blogging?

My sister loves to blog and encouraged me to start. Her blog is frugal-fashionistas.com.

Do you have a dollar limit on gifts for family/friends? If yes, how much?

I just created a cookbook for a student that was living with us for the past two years. It took me about 15 hours to create, and other family members contributed recipes, too. It consists of things she liked that we made for dinners together and other recipes that I thought she would like as she moves into life as a university student. She didn’t cry at her high school graduation ceremony, when we made toasts to her that night at dinner, or any other time during that emotional day, but she literally broke down and sobbed when she opened our gift. We were thrilled that she was so touched – just thinking about it now makes me really happy. That’s my way of saying you can give a really great gift without having to spend too much.

Thank you, Tightwad!   Now go on over to Tightwad Blog, read my answers to the same questions and take a look around!

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