This Time I Really Did Find an Accountant!

OH! What a relief it is! I have finally found an accountant. I found her by doing a Google search for accountants in Arizona; I emailed her, and she emailed back. That is a good sign! We talked for forty minutes on Friday, and she answered several of my questions. She charges $65 an hour for phone consultation and tech support for Quickbooks, which is the biggest area in which I need her help. I am very happy to have someone who can help me. I was very pleased that she gave me unsolicited advice in some areas. I already knew what she told me, but I was very pleased to hear that she was willing to share the information with me.

I’ve already started another list of questions which I’ll see if she has time to respond next Friday.

We also talked about turning Mr. A’s businesses into LLCs. In the information I received from Phoenix SCORE, it costs a minimum of $200 to do it yourself, and she charges $350. I think it will be a good investment. I don’t see why I should spend hours and hours trying to figure out how to do something and maybe make a mistake just to save $150. My time is worth something, too!

Speaking of time, I seem to have had very little of it in the past couple of weeks. There is always an amazing amount of year end work to do for my employer, Mr. A’s businesses, and the other little business whose books I keep. I still have W2s and 1099s to type for both the small company, and Mr. A has to give our son, AJ a 1099.

I meant to get around to entering all our receipts from the last couple of weeks into Quicken, but did not find the time today. Next weekend! Then I can do my monthly report.

How did your weekend go?

Yours Truly,

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