November 2009 Monthly Report

I am really in awe at the month of November. In shock, really.  For one thing, we did not take a draw from Mr. A’s business during the actual month because we took the draw on October 30th for November, it did not show up in the report. And then it turned out we didn’t need the other draw we usually take for the middle of the month. Good thing, because Mr. A’s business has been kind of slow. We are noticing a trend of slow business for November and December.

We’re still doing the cash for groceries system, although I find it is easier for purchases to slip through the cracks and not get included in the monthly report when we use cash.  When we were using the credit card, I knew every single penny that was spent on groceries because I could download the transactions from the credit card.  Using cash, the receipts can get misplaced or lost.  For example, while working on our finances last weekend, I found two more receipts for groceries in October, totaling to about $50 extra dollars in groceries for October.

This month, I bought a new camera so that is where $200 of the leftover $302 was spent.  I love my new camera, but unfortunately I have a bone to pick with Nikon.  I called them and talked with one of their representatives (sounded like she was from India) and have emailed.  They have not responded back, and it has been a week since my phone complaint was elevated to “Level 2” and the automated email response said they would contact me within 24 hours. I may have to kick up a fuss, and at very least make a thumbs down review for their customer service.

Monthly Report November 2009

Groceries for the month came under the allotted $640.  That is unless I find missing receipts.  But I guess for the most part, the money is accounted for.  We don’t count change leftover when we use cash, we save it so that is sometimes why the money doesn’t add up to exactly what was removed from the bank. For example, we withdraw $200 cash each week for groceries ($160/wk) and monthly allowance ($35/wk).  I know I don’t account for the extra $5 a week. I should. Maybe I will next month. It is just easier to get $200 from the bank.  For November, the cash purchases recorded for those categories came up to $735.   $65 is unaccounted for. I doubt that much wasn’t saved in coins, so there might be a receipt hanging out somewhere, misplaced or lost.  I can’t keep track of every penny when Mr. A is the one using the cash that’s withdrawn.   Who knows he might be saving it to buy me something for Christmas. 🙂

Mr. A does like to buy me little things.  The clothing in the report above is a sweater he bought me for $20, a purse from Savers for $3.99 and a beautiful flowery skirt for $3.99 that I haven’t had a chance to wear yet.

Let’s see what else. Gasoline consumption was less than anticipated, I believe this is because AJ has been doing some extra driving by himself, and is putting gasoline into the tank on his own dime.

The “gifts given” was actually flowers that Mr. A bought for me. I can’t remember what happened, but I was sad and disappointed about something and he bought them for me to help me feel better.

We really did good on not eating out very much. Mr. A and I are trying to clean up our diet, so eating out is pretty much out. It really shows by the amount of money spent there.

I guess that’s about it for the November monthly report.

Yours Truly,

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2 thoughts on “November 2009 Monthly Report

  1. Based on your report, it looks like you did great. I have a budget I’ve outlined in excel, but I usually come in a little over, anywhere between $200 to $500 over. Keep up the good work!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Little House! Thank you, I was very surprised by the month. But it was probably more simply luck than anything else because we haven’t figured out how to limit extraneous spending. Mr. A does the grocery shopping and that is working out great for him to get his set amount. But if we start pulling out more money for clothing expenses, or household expenses, etc., it just gets too confusing, not to mention easy to spend that money. We are still working on the other areas of our budget. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Mrs. A


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