If You Have Google Adsense, You Need a Privacy Policy

If you’re a blogger, and you use Adsense, do you have a privacy policy in place?

About a month ago I learned while reading this post over at Christian Personal Finance that any site which uses Google Adsense is required to have a privacy policy in order for the site to be within compliance of the Google Advertising Cookie and Privacy Policies.  Bob found when he put his privacy policy in place that his revenue from Adsense went up.  He suspects that Google “rewards” those blogs in compliance, while “punishing” those who don’t.

This requirement was implemented in March 2009.

I liked Bob’s privacy policy so much that I asked for his permission to use it as a template for my own, with some tweaking.

I also found a couple of sites that allow you to create a privacy policy of your own:

What about you? Do you blog? Do you have a privacy policy?

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