T-Mobile Impresses Yet Again

Back in June I had to replace my cell phone.  The guy at Costco was really helpful and even filled out my rebate form, taped the UPC to it and had it all ready so I just had to send it on its way. I’d misplaced it for a couple of weeks, but then found it and got it in the mail.

A few weeks later I received a letter from the T-Mobile rebate center stating that my phone wasn’t eligible for the rebate, and gave a number that I could call if I disagreed with them.  I have been holding onto that piece of paper, trying to remember to call them back on a weekday for several weeks. Finally on Monday I came across it again, and this time I scanned and emailed it to myself at work, so I wouldn’t forget to take a few minutes of my break and give them a call.

As it turns out, the problem occurred because although my phone was broken, it was Mr. A’s number that was up for renewal.  The guy at Costco knew this was the case and said it wouldn’t be a problem at all. Unfortunately, he neglected to tell me, or perhaps he didn’t realize that the rebate would not be valid unless the phone was used under the account number it was renewed.

So basically, had I known that I had to go home, switch SIM cards from my phone to Mr. A’s, make a phone call and switch the SIM cards back, the rebate would have been valid.

The young lady I talked to explained the “fine print” and basically apologetically told me there was nothing that could be done.  I was in a bit of disbelief, at the prospect of losing out on a FIFTY DOLLAR rebate, so I asked her, “Would it be possible for me to speak with your supervisor?”  She asked me to hold a moment while she got her supervisor, Michelle, on the line.  Michelle was very kind, and explained again the problem, and she said that if I’d bought the phone in July, I could still switch SIM cards and resubmit the rebate, but since the rebate period ended in June, (something about their rebate periods go from January 1 to June 30th, then July 1 to December 31st) they couldn’t help me.

She did encourage me to call T-Mobile customer service.  She said she would write a note on my account, and she read back to me what she’d written, and she said just have them read the notes on the account and fill in anything she’d missed.

I wasn’t upset or angry, just a little frustrated. I guess at this point I was partway blaming the guy at Costco, and thinking I’d have to take the issue up with them. She then put me through to T-Mobile customer service but we were disconnected. Thankfully she’d given me the number because although I can dial 611 on my phone, sometimes the reception isn’t so hot in my office.

I called back and got a very pleasant young man, Miguel, on the other end of the phone. He reviewed my account, and said he was pretty sure they could help me out, but he wanted to clear it with his supervisor first. He asked me to hold a couple of minutes, and then he was back, telling me that he had permission to put a $50 credit on my account.

I was ready to kiss that $50 goodbye, I’m so glad that I made the phone call. And yet again, asking politely for a supervisor worked wonders.

I love T-Mobile.

A very satisfied T-Mobile customer,

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3 thoughts on “T-Mobile Impresses Yet Again

  1. It’s good to read about good customer service for a change. I had to leave T-mobile because of reception issues when we moved to our present home a couple of years ago, but always had good experiences with them as you did.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Yes, isn’t that the truth? I am usually so disappointed with customer service, but T-Mobile does do a very good job.

    What a bummer to have to leave T-Mobile due to reception issues. While our reception isn’t 100% perfect, I am happy with it and especially since they have been so great to me over the years. Thanks for visiting and commenting! 🙂


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