Trying to Catch Up

I was on vacation last week.  I put together a bunch of posts and scheduled them for each day I was gone.

Then came the crash after the vacation, which I knew was inevitable, but since I was back home, I figured I’d be able to at least get some posts together.

But no, every single day was spent catching up, trying to get caught up at work, with Mr. A’s business’ accounting and most importantly, trying to catch up on my sleep. That’s hard to do when the day begins at 3:30am and I’m going full speed until 8pm finally crawling into bed and falling to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I know some people think sleep is for sissies, but when your body isn’t working properly sleep becomes the number one priority.

Mr. A and I were talking this morning, and he was saying we probably should invest in a better bed… but we aren’t really in a position to do that right now, with so much debt.  After that we started talking about how our debt hasn’t been caused by frivolous purchases, like brand new beds.  Our big dog LJ sleeps with us at night, so in order to be comfortable we have a queen and a twin next to each other. LJ is supposed to sleep on the twin… but he prefers the queen. So Mr. A sleeps on the twin, and me and the dog share the queen. LJ tries to take my spot occasionally, but I demand that he get off the bed entirely when that happens. Anyway, the queen bed cost us a whopping $12 from Goodwill and I love it. It is so soft and comfortable. Mr. A’s mattress is hard as a board.  I was telling him we ought to make our own mattress!!

I failed in my goal to keep our finances updated daily. After my last update to our finances, I made up my mind that I was going to sit down every evening for a few minutes and stay caught up. I was good for the next night, then it seemed all hell broke loose.  I had to work late a few nights, which got me home much later than normal.  I had to cook dinner most of those nights, which left no time for even turning on the computer. That means now I’m behind on our finances again. Behind in the sense of knowing exactly where we are financially.  I hope to catch up this weekend.

I did get to sleep in this morning. Mr. A commented to me on how nice it is to be able to sleep in once in a while. We were both out of bed by 5am. But he’s usually up by 2:30am and I’m up by 3:45am most days.

It was very inspiring to me when I finally stepped outside to milk at 6:15am. It was actually nice out!! I stepped back in to check the outdoor thermometer which is on the other side of the house and it showed 80°F!

It was actually lovely outside. For the past week, while in the milking parlor milking, it’s been so hot that I come back in the house dripping with sweat. Very uncomfortable. But I even went back outside around 8am and watered the garden. What a nice reprieve. I suppose it’s the global warming that’s causing it. 😉

How are you doing today?

Yours Truly,

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