Returning Shoes to Zappos

Back in October I ordered some shoes for Big A from Zappos, and decided to order a matching pair for Mr. A.

Big A’s shoes fit, but Mr. A was aghast that I’d spent over $100 on a pair of shoes; basically he refused to wear them.   I kept telling myself I need to get those shoes sent back, but of course I’d remember just before going to sleep at night, or while I was driving.

Luckily, Zappos has a one year return policy with free return shipping*.

I’m on Zappos’ email list, and when I noticed an email had arrived this morning, I told myself I had better find out how long ago I ordered the shoes to see if they could still be returned. Whew.  I was relieved; not yet a year.  I went to the Zappos site and logged in.  I clicked on help which took me to the Customer Service screen. From there I clicked on Return, and followed the instructions. I was given the option to store credit, or to have the money returned to my credit card.  If I bought more often from Zappos, I would have gone with the store credit.

We have the original box the shoes came in, so all I need to do is tape it together and attach the return label, then get it to UPS.

I often wonder when companies offer return policies like Zappos – 365 days is a long time. I wonder if they are that confident in their products?  Or do they think if they give people a year people will procrastinate thinking it hasn’t been a year yet, until it’s over a year?

Have you ever used Zappos?

Mrs. Accountability

*shipping free within the United States

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3 thoughts on “Returning Shoes to Zappos

  1. I haven’t ordered from Zappos. But I did return some clothes to Sierra Trading Post at least 6 months after I got them. I think it had actually been right around a year. There probably was a return period, but I simply called and asked if we could return the items, despite being so late, since they were still in the original packaging, unopened. Without missing a beat, they assured me I would just have to box it all up and send it on in.

    FYI, I don’t know much about Zappos, but my new shoe love is Free shipping and prices that are better than DSW (one of our usual stops for affordable shoes) – plus we don’t have to pay the sales tax! And if you have five other shoe-loving friends, once you’ve referred them and they’ve made one purchase, you get a GC for $100. It’s kind of crazy. (There’s a coupon for them in the Entertainment Book for 15% off, I believe.) We got the shoes in under a week, they were exactly the same as the ones we’d seen in DSW and they were something like $10 cheaper — before we got an extra 10% off for becoming new members.

    So, yeah, I’m singing their praises.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    I will have to check out this site! Thanks for the tip, Abigail!


  2. Quite a while since this post, buy a have a story to tell. I have ordered from zappos for a long time, maybe a couple years. I do mostly all of my online shoe shopping on their website. With more than 50 to 60 purchases from them I have never had any problems, never had to return a shoes, never had any billing problems, so it has been great. But,(and you knew their was going to be a but) my last order came and it was the wrong shoe. Not the wrong size, I mean the wrong shoe. I checked the packing slip, and my invoice at the time of purchase and everything checked out good. So somebody must have grabbed the wrong shoes of the shelf or something like that.

    To resolve this, I didn’t feel like using email. So I decided to call and tell them what had happened. They told me to keep the wrong shoes, pick out a pair of new shoes I wanted for free and were going to ship my original order to me also.

    So I was amazed at the customer service and their “do anything for the customer” actions. So, I just wanted to share my experience with you.



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