Returning Shoes to Zappos

Back in October I ordered some shoes for Big A from Zappos, and decided to order a matching pair for Mr. A.

Big A’s shoes fit, but Mr. A was aghast that I’d spent over $100 on a pair of shoes; basically he refused to wear them.   I kept telling myself I need to [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Make It From Scratch Carnival – May 19th, 2009

One of my recent blog posts Upright Gardening: A Use for Hay Twine has been accepted to this week’s Make It From Scratch Carnival.

This is always a fun carnival with lots of great recipes and frugal ideas for making things from scratch, check it out!

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Business Ethics – Cash Under The Table?

How do you feel about cash sales?  If you were a self-proprietor, would you find it easy to “cheat” just a little (or a lot) and not report the cash collected from your customers?

I have strong personal feelings about doing that sort of thing. Not only is it not ethical, but there is [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Would You Go to Mexico for Health Care?

In the last few weeks, I’ve heard people around me having conversations about going to Mexico for health and dental care because the costs are so much lower than they are here – even in some cases – cheaper than co-pays, I understand.

One conversation was at work, after I’d brought my Zenni Optical [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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