April Garden Update

My garden is doing so wonderfully! I planted sunflower seeds about ten days ago and eight of them have come up. I’m hoping to see one more pop out. They are the gigantic sunflowers so they have to be planted eighteen inches apart. I was sick on Wednesday (food poisoning) and am still feeling worn out and weak so I don’t think I’ll get around to my zinnia bed this weekend as planned. Hopefully next weekend. UPDATE: I actually felt like I could manage the zinnia bed, so look for it at the end of this post.

Here are some pictures I took last week. Starting with my tomato plants:
Tomatoes in Cages

Green Beans. They don’t seem to be growing too steadily – I am wondering if they aren’t getting enough water, or maybe it hasn’t been warm enough yet. It was certainly warm enough today, and Mr. A says it’s supposed to get hot this week.  I need to think about what can be harvested before it bolts.
Green Beans

Lots of squash plants! I transplanted three of the seven in the one hill and they survived the transplant. I think squash is one of the plants that do not like transplanting and prefer to be direct seeded. Too many came up in this one hill though, so it was either pluck ’em or transplant.
Squash Plants

This bed has quite a few vegetables in it. Cucumbers, corn, carrots, Swiss Chard, beets, radishes and there are also flowers coming up along the front side.  I think I planted calendula.Corn, Beets and More

Red potatoes in a cage – I am going to add dirt to the cage as the plants grow taller so that potatoes will grow along the entire upright cage area.
Red Potatoes

I have tons of lady bugs and lady bug larvae!
Lady Bugs Galore!

Kale and my Garden Kitty:
Kale and My Garden Kitty

And here is my zinnia bed. Actually, I also decided to plant marigolds as well.
Zinnia BedAre you lucky enough to have a garden? How’s yours doing?

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