What I Found In My Bathroom Last Night

I got my tomato and eggplant seeds planted on Sunday the 18th. Every day I checked the little containers to make sure they remained most, and kept the lights on 24 hours a day. It’s been so warm outside and therefore warm in the house – in the 80s. When I got home late in the evening I removed the plastic covering to find nearly all the babies were popping out and reaching for the light. Very exciting!

Today I’m going to be busy getting tax work done for Mr. A’s business. We have to collect and pay taxes to every city he does business in, on a monthly basis. Thankfully business has picked up, but it means more work for me since I’m the bookkeeper.

I was already out in the garden this morning, harvesting some vegetables and pulling some weeds. The gopher is going through my garden and eating one plant at a time. I now have only two Swiss Chard plants left, so I’m going out there in a few minutes to harvest as many leaves as I can, then I’m going to transplant the two plants into the bed that has hardware cloth in the ground to prevent the gopher’s entry.

What’s on your schedule today?

Yours Truly,

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3 thoughts on “What I Found In My Bathroom Last Night

  1. My chard is still going.

    Hasn’t this weather been weird? I put away all the frost cloths a week or so ago…in JANUARY!

    Today I’m going to gather some more stones out of the alleys to continue the little landscape redecorating project I’ve got going. And check to see if the beets are edible yet. And pull out the old tomato plants. And fertilize and water the queen palm and the rest of the roses. And check the pool chemicals (shock-treated last weekend: with ambient temperature hovering near 80, can algae be far behind?). And cook up some chicken and some rice for the dog. And cook the beans I set out last night to soak. And do the ironing. And wash some sheets.

    Then I’m going to print out my tax report, figure out if there’s any money left for groceries this week, and proofread a project for a client. Thrill a minute, eh? 😉

    Right now, though, it being 5:30 in the morning, I’m going back to bed to try to catch up on the past two hours’ worth of lost snoozing time.


  2. @Funny Hi! Yes, weird weather, and now it gets back down to freezing the last couple of days. We’d gone to morning milkings and it’s cold, cold, cold out there!

    @RTC, thanks!!

    Thank you both for visiting and commenting!


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