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My life is so busy, much too busy for my tastes. I’d prefer to water the garden early in the morning, or let an automatic watering system do it for me, but I don’t have it set up yet, and alas I work four days a week, so those days I can’t water early, unless I want to get up even earlier than 4am.  So each afternoon I come out to the garden and take a look around to see what is going on, pull some weeds, pick some lettuce or radishes and water.

We live in a rural area, alongside a main road that is getting busier by the day.  Still, we are pretty secluded.

Our chickens are clucking, finding their spot on the roosts high up in their pen.  One of our cats walks past cautiously, for her sister, the garden guard kitty is stalking her.  Garden kitty thinks this is HER garden.  I hear a donkey braying in the distance, birds chirping, crickets singing.  I’m giving the tomatoes a good soak tonight, letting the water run slowly to fill up their bed.  Both cats have been at the water, drinking and sniffing the tomatoes.  I hear dogs barking, and gunfire in the distance.  Someone in an older truck is going by, and their muffler doesn’t work so well.

The weather is perfect. The sun has dropped behind the mountains to the west.  A very soft breeze has just picked up.  The tomato bed is nearly full of water, and it’s time to water some other beds.

Mrs. Accountability

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