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It’s true most everything can be done online and I take advantage of that when I can. I use the free BillPay through my bank, register for online rebates and most of my bill are drawn automatically from my checking account. However, I still find a need for address labels, envelopes and stamps. I probably go through a book of stamps every other month or so. Sometimes I print out articles I know my mom would enjoy and mail them to her and it’s just easier to have a book of stamps on hand to affix the number needed.

About seven years ago I somehow got hooked up with Paralyzed Veterans of America. I don’t even remember how but I remember donating $3 and the next thing you know they are sending me address labels 4 times a year. I donate $5 every now and then and they just keep sending them. I keep a page of labels at work in my desk drawer with some blank envelopes, and I keep the rest of the labels above my computer area at home. It saves a few moments of my time to stick a label on instead of having to write it out. I use the address labels for rebate forms when possible. I still send out Christmas cards and the vets send Christmas-y type labels in time.

Here’s the thing – you don’t need to donate any money, you can get the labels free. I do find them handy, so I send them money on occasion. If you would like free labels, just go to Paralyzed Veterans of America. Put in your information and make sure it’s correct, this is the only chance you will have as once you press Process Label Order and Make Special Donation your order will be placed. You will at that time be asked to make a special donation so you can just close the window at that point.

You’ll have plenty of opportunity in the future to donate as they will now send you labels several times a year. I assume if I had never donated $3 to $5 here and there they would have stopped sending labels by now, but it seems the more money I send the more labels I get.

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