Day 6 – 30 Day Abundance Project

Day 6 – $3200

I’ve joined Millionaire Mommy in a 30 Day Abundance Exercise.

I’m using my money today to fix up a vehicle that’s sitting in my yard in bad shape. It ran great the last time we used it, but it did have a few little quirks. It’s been sitting for a few years without being started so I’m going to have the gasoline removed from the gas tank and change the oil before trying to start it. There was a weird little fan problem that needs to be fixed. It will need four new tires which will cost around $200 as they are small tires. I’m going to buy seat covers and have the inside detailed and have the outside waxed and polished.

Then I have a decision to make. Either give it back to the sister I bought it from, or give it to our baby sister. Both are single parents with children. Both of them could use the vehicle. Hmmm… well, with $3200 maybe I can buy a good used car as well.

Gratitude: I’m very grateful that my husband and I were able to resolve our problems and get married to each other again. I’m very grateful our family is back together as a unit.

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2 thoughts on “Day 6 – 30 Day Abundance Project

  1. Hei there..interesting experiment you are doing 😉
    At first impression skimming through your blog, I was thinking…wow..this woman seem to be spending & spending..then when I clicked on millionaire mummy project, then I realise its all just plan, not reality. how is it going? Are you getting all the money u dreaming off?



  2. LOL, thanks for visiting and commenting. It’s supposed to be a mental exercise in thinking bigger about money. I do find it challenging as my constant mode is to scrimp and be frugal. I have even asked my husband for some ideas on what he’d spend money on and he’s at a loss. I have gone through to doubling the money to thirty days and it’s going to be $107,374,182,400.00 by the last day. That will really tax my brain!


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