My First Time Using Craigslist

I’ve known about Craigslist and Freecycle for several years. I used to moderate one of the Freecycle groups when they first got started, but I had to bow after a couple of years ago due to time constraints. So I’ve used Freecycle, but have never actually used Craigslist.

This past March our youngest son bought his first guitar and started teaching himself how to play. He’s learning so he can participate in the music program at our church. Mr. A used to play the flute when he was a youngster and decided he wants to pick it up again – maybe to play at church. So they started looking around and found it was going to cost around two hundred for an entry level flute.

I decided to check out Craigslist, just to see if there were any for sale. There were several. We called about one that had a lot of extras and it was still available. Mr. A says it is very similar to the one he had as a young man. It came with a hard case, a soft carrying case, an instruction booklet and an instructional DVD. For $50!!

Do you use Craigslist? Tell me about some of your good finds, I’d love to hear about them!

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3 thoughts on “My First Time Using Craigslist

  1. I’ve found several bargains on Craigslist. Last weekend, we found a huge solid oak rolltop desk for my wife. Before that we found a 1966 Airstream Safari, a lightly used washer and dryer, a nice crib for the nursery, and several pieces of solid maple furniture for $30-40 apiece!

    I subscribe to several craigslist searches in my newsreader which has helped us find the bargains first.


  2. A few months ago my $99 Kenmore sewing machine bit the dust. I bought a $129 Brother at Walmart and I liked it fine, but felt the money could be put to better use so I returned it. I bought an older, barely used, higher quality Kenmore on Craigslist for $40. Not only did I save a good chunk of change, I had a neat face-to-face encounter with a real family whom I often think of when I use my sewing machine. Something that would not be true if I had kept the Brother.


  3. @Aaron – wow, awesome deals!! It sounds like you have good impulse control and only go for the super bargains. I am afraid I’d be driving around getting everything, lol. Thank you for visiting and commenting!

    &Bettsi – fantastic! I love getting older and better quality for less than what you pay for new. After we got the flute, we looked up the brand name and I guess it’s a cheap model, but Mr. A pointed out it would have cost $200 for a brand new cheap flute, so may as well pay $50 for a cheap one. Thank you for visiting and commenting! I love comments! 🙂


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