4 Tips to Stay Organized

Summer organizing, anyone?  I am amazed at how having an organized living space saves time, allowing me to focus on the important things in my life. Anything that saves me fifteen minutes a day searching in frustration saves me untold hours each week in headaches and time, so this week’s post is all about organization tricks I use; please share your organization tricks in the comments!

#1 – Shoe rack/hanger

Buy a $5-15 shoe rack (or thrift store a $2 one)!  It’s amazing how much room shoes scattered all over the place take up.  Not only will you save room, but the shoes look so much tidier in one allocated space, and you can avoid some tripping, too.

  • WARNING:  Just be careful when purchasing hanging racks with metal clasps – they may scrap the paint on the door frame if the door is very flush with the door frame.

#2 – Clothes

I always start organizing clothes by getting rid of the worn out pieces.  You can use them as cleaning rags or donate them if they are still in reasonable shape.  After that, I collect all the completely out-of-season clothes and hide those away in a bin under the bed or the shelf in my closet. And here’s where I probably stray from the norm:  I hang almost everything else.  Hanging clothes keeps them unwrinkled and easily visible.  I know it is a bit of work at first, but hangers run about 10-12 for a dollar at most dollar stores and Walmarts, and hung clothes take up significantly less space.  For the really organized, you can every hang together what you will wear together, saving morning time.  Here’s an awesome way to organize my dresser drawers that I learned while watching Clean House one time.

  • Fun tip:  You can make cheap, slippery hangers grip clothing better by just putting rubber bands on each end of the hanger.  The rubber bands help grip silks and light materials.

#3  – Have a junk drawer/bowl/area

Yes, I believe in a single area where you can ditch any miscellaneous items.  I understand this seems counter intuitive, but I am not a perfectionist:  I am a realist!  I go through my junk drawer every few weeks in spare time to make sure it does not get too overwhelming, but this is a key part of my system of organizing, being flexible!

#4 – Keeping your car clean

For many years my car was a disaster area, and when I finally took the time to clean it out I’m embarrassed to admit that it was practically an all day affair.   I got into my new habit of keeping my vehicle clean when I was driving my employer’s vehicle.   Basically I had to force myself to adopt this new habit because how rude would that be to bring the company vehicle in all cluttered up?  What I was learned was to gather up every single thing and bring it with me into the house every evening once arriving home.  Since getting into that habit I have stuck with it when I started to drive my new used car and thankfully I’m no longer embarrassed to give anyone a ride in my car!

How do you stay organized?

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