The Time I Walked Away From a Mortgage

It was 1991.  Mr. A and I had been married four years, but things weren’t going well.  In fact, things were really awful.   We bought our first home not too long after we were married, and within six months our first child was born.  A month later, Mr. A was laid off from his [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Trying Out True Rest Float Spa – Your Own Personal Sensory Deprivation Tank Experience

A few months ago, I did something I consider to be quite unfrugal.  I do that every once in awhile and debate sharing my True Confessions here at the blog.

So here’s the scoop: I bought a Groupon coupon to a spa – the True Rest Float Spa to be exact.  The reason [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Poor Through The Generations

Revanche at A Gai Shan Life wrote about Generational Poverty last Monday and I just got around to reading it when Funny About Money linked to in Another Rainy Day Roundup on Saturday.

As I read the title, I thought to myself… so that’s what it’s called… generational poverty.  Both my husband and I [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

7 Reasons You Need A Widescreen LCD Monitor

True Confession: Last week I invested in a monitor similar to this one:Asus VE278Q 27-Inch Full-HD LED Monitor with Integrated Speakers. I have been using two monitors at work for the last year and a half, and have been telling myself I just don’t need a new monitor at home.  My old huge heavy [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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