T-Mobile Impresses Yet Again

Back in June I had to replace my cell phone.  The guy at Costco was really helpful and even filled out my rebate form, taped the UPC to it and had it all ready so I just had to send it on its way. I’d misplaced it for a couple of weeks, but then [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

PaperBackSwap Club

I’ve heard about these book swapping clubs, and decided to check into PaperBackSwap.  I joined, then browsed around and clicked a couple of books onto my reminder list; then I saw one that looked very intriguing and put it on my wish list. I guess the “wish list” is when the book isn’t listed [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Found Money

A couple of days ago I was doing Mr. A’s banking and I’d forgotten to take photocopies of the checks I was depositing. I have asked the bank before, but I really don’t like imposing on them for something I should have already done. His accounts are at a credit union and I was [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Using Too Many Rebate Companies

When I bought Big A’s shoes from Zappos at the end of October, I remember thinking I would get back 10%.

But darn it, I can’t remember who I used through Evreward. I have only signed up with Ebates, BigCrumbs, Mr. Rebates and Cashbaq, but none show pending rebates. Drat! That would have [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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